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I just read a post about SUCCESS BLOGGING and it turned to an idea/offer for those who want to earn online income.

This website is about helping you to earn money with Forex copy trading and our Risk-Free trading strategy without any experience. Is it a SCAM? Try it and you will see that it is not a SCAM, this is a working method.

But, how can someone, who will start it with the lowest investment amount earn money?

I just read a post about SUCCESS BLOGGING. This can be your option to earn some extra profit. How?

#1 – Create your own blog!

You can find many websites that help to create a website, but I suggest one. You can join the Wealthy Affiliate program totally free and this is enough to start. You will able to create your free website through a step by step guide. CLICK HERE TO JOIN FREE!

You can register to premium, but you don’t have to. You can do it later if you started to earn more and more money with the RiskFreeFXBot program. It will help you to create a professional website and a huge database and the WA community will help you through the road. You will able to move your actual blog to a new domain and boost it.

If you are already a Wealthy Affiliate Member, go to the next step.

#2 – Join the RiskFreeFXBot project with any investment you can afford

Go through the steps and start to earn money:


#3 – Register to the Affiliate program of the broker

I suggest reading the AFFILIATE page.

#4 – Start to write about your experience

You will earn profit from day to day. You can share your statistics and how your money gaining. Later you can write about how you spend it and how that earning changes your life. This is SUCCESS BLOGGING.

Bloggers and anyone who accepts sharing experiences on a blog or social media sites, can join the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

#5 – Earn extra money

Your readers will probably want to join the program and earn the same profit that you earn. Share your Grand Capital affiliate link on your site and share our Master account’s investing link to join it. This is how you will receive extra profit after each trade that will appear on their accounts.

This is a simple method to earn an extra profit by sharing your real experiences about our program.



  1. Lok Which


    I’m so glad I came across this information. I really have passion for blogging , the fact  that it is one of the ways of earning money online really triggered my interest for it but I do not know how to go about it. Reading this has answered as I will click on the link provided and I believe I will get started. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Gracen


    Thanks for putting up a concise blogging tip that can make one successful, especially new bloggers. To add little to this, it is important that one choose a niche, that is the target audience you hope to reach, after this the person can continue with putting up his website.Like you rightly said, WA is the best as it helps one to create his website within a twinkle of an eye. Concerning the Risk free forexbot, have you really tried the system and it worked?Thank you.

    • RiskFreeFXBot


      Gracen, you probably don’t read the post properly- If you are SUCCESS BLOGGER, your niche is the project you are using. And in this post, this is the experience of earning with the RiskFreeFXBot project.

        As you can see, you commented on am one of the creators of this project. I am a Forex trader with more than 10 years of trading experience and this project is created to those who want to earn money with Forex trading without trading experience and without the risk of loss. You can read about it in the FAQ and on our homepage.

      This site is about sharing information about the project, sharing statistics, etc.


  3. Jay


    I like the idea behind success blogging. As you are profiting from a real-life experience, you tell the world about it by writing in your blog about your journey, your profits. your loses, and how you spend your money. I think this can create a great deal of trust on a website which can make your readers stick with you and even take up your suggestions. This is a really good idea.

  4. Nuttanee


    I think you can earn some money from Forex for sure but you also need todo a lot of research for it (like anything elseinthailand and life) before you are gettingyour feet wet. I cannot sat that I am doing Forex investment 100%. However, I am originally from Thailand so I do invest nd trade Thai currency when I see that there is an oportunity for me to make money on it. As a safe investor this is perfect for me because I know the Thai politics and can assume what will happen to the market. The bottom line i I thnk Forex is a great way to make money but you are just gonna have to do some research about the currency that you are about to invest. Do you agree?

    • RiskFreeFXBot


      You are right. Fundamental analysis is an important part of Forex trading. 

      Our project is a copy trading system, this is why it is risk-free. We don’t want to teach anyone to trade, we have the experience. With this automated system, anyone can make profit. I suggest to read the FAQ and check the Statistics to learn more about the RiskFreeFXBot project.

  5. Rudolph


    This looks more of an affiliate for Grand Capital. You are offering a money back guarantee after 6 months, which is good. But at the same time, there are no contact details or office address or any process defined for the withdrawal of funds. 

    There are several rules defined that we cannot withdraw unless you approve and other such rules which may turn down probable customers. I guess we need feedback from more users who are actually using this platform and profited from it.

    • RiskFreeFXBot


      Yes, you are right. You will earn commissions from Grand Capital.

      The Money Back Guarantee is from us. Our members know all of our contact details. 

      About withdrawal. You can withdraw anytime, but we suggest to contact us. Why? For example, You have an account with $100 balance and you withdraw the half of it. You can do it anytime. But if you will not change the setup of the copy trading system, the new trades’ value will be too high for the lower account balance, so you can lose the rest of your balance. This is why we ask you to contact us before withdrawing. We will help you to set the right replication ratio to keep your account safe after the withdrawal.

      We hope, some of our members will join this or the Money Back Guarantee offer and will share their experience. This is a new and fast-growing project, so probably we will able to share many feedbacks, post about our copy trader’s experience.

  6. charles39


    This very great article and I really I would love to learn more about the success blogging and eventually I joined the main reason iam in affiliate marketing is to make money and if I can get some Xtra on the and on my line of work it won’t hurt at all . yeah let’s do this and earn some money.

  7. Eran Bucai


    Thanks for sharing. Agree about your website recommendation, that’s great. 

    I’m fearful of anything that I can’t control. Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, eCommerce, stuff like that I can control coz I put the content and I am responsible to drive traffic. 

    With bots and other system fluctuations, is there a way for me to control the income I make?

    If not, do you have a recommendation on how to overcome that?

    • RiskFreeFXBot


      I suggest reading FAQ. You will receive an answer to most of your questions. 

      About the Success blogging idea. If you are interested in the RiskFreeFXBot project you will join our copy trading project with any investment you want. You don’t have to control anything. This is an automated system that will generate the profit on your account. You will start writing about your experience and earn some extra profit by inviting others to the project.

  8. Chris


    I’ve been toying with the idea of blogging over the last year or so, ever since I read a article about a man who made a ton of money through being a fishing tackle affiliate! 

    How long did it take you to get your head around the subject of blogging and how hard was it to build this website – do you need to know coding?

    • RiskFreeFXBot


      You are a Wealthy Affiliate member, so you know, that you don’t have to know anything about coding. I created this website in 1-2 hours. 

      This site is about helping others to earn money with Forex trading without trading experience. This site is my hobby, I am not doing it to earn extra money, but if someone planning to join this Success Blogging offer with the RiskFreeFXBot project will probably earn hundreds/thousands of dollars with it in 1-2 month. This is a very good option because the success is guaranteed, so you will able to post about your earnings. Your blog will grow fast and you will able to invite more and more copy traders to the broker and to our copy trading service.

      This is an easy and fast blogging project. 

  9. Seun Afotanju


    Thanks for putting it out there about blogging and achieving success, wealthy affiliate indeed is an amazing website that helps everyone but the pro and beginners to create a website, and achieve massive success in the affiliate business, Highly recommended to anyone who wants to be financially independent or make an extra income online.

    • RiskFreeFXBot


      I hope you will also join this program as a member of  the Wealthy Affiliate program.

  10. Shui Hyen


    This is an interesting article and you have detailed step-by-step how to setup a free website that make money via forex copy trading and turn it into success blogging.

    The affiliate program is amazing with plenty of earning opportunities and the money back guarantee scheme. I going to sign up an investment account and apply for the affiliate program of the broker.

    Thank you for sharing this great opportunity to earn extra money.

  11. swangirl


    This looks so interesting. I have always been interested in Forex trading but know you have to be careful and get the right training. It is not something you can wing and hope for the best. 

    I like that you offer the ability to start with a low amount and also no experience! This seems like a great way for any beginner to start and get off to a running start!

    Congratulations on your success so far!

  12. mzakapon


    Hi, I have found your article is little bit different with great tips of blogging with affiliate marketing opportunity of Risk free robot. Though no one can guarantee for investment in forex, you are doing that from your long time experience. So it’s a plus point. I am very much interested on this robot and it’s affiliate offer. I have some concern about this. Can I know how much average profit one can get per day, per week, per month from a minimum investment based on trading history? Will it do multiply 5x for $100 investment and for more than that? Is there any risk factor for margin call? Thanks for sharing this information.

    • RiskFreeFXBot


      The average profit for the copy traders is almost the same than on our account. So this will be 50-100%/month of any deposit. 

      As I wrote many times, there is no risk. If you will set the replication ratio right, you don’t have to worry about margin call. 

  13. dahay


    hi ,Risk Free ?If it is riskfree i am willing to try it.Up to 10.000% profit annual ?That sounds sweet.Blogging is what i do often, at my facebook, i didn’t know i also could make money doing it.Can u tell me how the RiskFreeFXBot project is going to help me make money and what the minimum amount of investment is ?And if i have questions or need help are u able to help me with my problems ?I took a quick look at the website and it sounds legit.The people are very warm and friendly.I was a little bit skeptical in the beginning but now i have more trust this can work.Thank u for this.Have a nice weekend,Dahay

    • RiskFreeFXBot


      First of all, the RiskFreeFXBot’s annual profit was lot higher than 10,000% in the last 3 years. The minimum investment is $25 now, but as the RiskFreeFBot LAMM Master account is gaining the minimum investment will be higher too. 

      Sure we will help you to be successful in everything to be successful.

  14. Shellykh


    I’ve always wonder why people like to blog. But now I know why. I think blogging is not only a way to earn money, but also a way of sharing what they know to help other people. I think content is important to gain traffic and help spread your knowledge to the internet world. But could you elaborate step 2? like how does RiskFreeFXBot would help with making a business or earn an income?

    • RiskFreeFXBot


      The RiskFreeFXBot project is a working online earning opportunity. You can join it with a very low amount – I suggest to read the FAQ and the Statistics – and then you can share your experience. 

      Your success will attract others to join this earning opportunity. And here comes the opportunity. You can join the broker’s Affiliate program. For example, if you will invite 4 members who will start to copy our account with $25, you will earn $50-$100 commission in the first month. They will earn more and more every month (like you will on your own account), so your commissions will grow too. More people will join the project through you, they will earn more and more profit and you will earn more commission every month. 

      This is how success blogging with the RiskFreeFXBot project is working.

  15. Renton


    This is a great post! I think blogging is a great way to make connections online as well as make additional income online with Wealthy Affiliate. I think that anyone looking for an honest way to make income online but also help people find great products that they are looking for online.

    I am quite interested in this 10000% annual profit. It sounds like a great opportunity.

    Can anyone from anywhere in the world sign up and invest with RiskFreeFXBot?

    Thanks for this great information!

    • RiskFreeFXBot


      Sure, this project is available to anyone. I suggest checking FAQ to learn more about the RiskFreeFXBot project.

      I hope we will see you soon in our team.

  16. Joy gateru


    I am really excited to have seen your post, I think this is all I ahve been thinking about the success blogging, as I went through your post I was highly tempted to join, and am sure to join the success blogging as I find it of great and easily achievable, currently I have subscribed to your posts so that I can learn more about it, hope to interact more with you as I join the Success blogging via your link in the post, I rest appreciate this post, thank you.

    from Joy gateru.

  17. Daniella


    Hi there,

    Awesome article, I really enjoyed the reading!

    I already own a blog that I have created with the help of Wealthy Affiliate and now it is up and running. It’s a brand new site, but I start to see good results. Anyway, I wanted to share my experience because Wealthy Affiliate is such a great platform to build a thriving business online. Anyway, I just would like to know if you have an idea of the amount of money you can make with a blog? That’s a question that comes so often in my mind:)

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • RiskFreeFXBot


      Anyone can earn hundreds/thousands of dollars with a blog.

      If you are thinking about joining the RiskFreeFXBot project and write about your experience, you will earn an extra profit as an Affiliate of GrandCapital. If you will invite 4 members who will invest $25 each and follow our copy trading program you will earn $50-$100 commission from the broker. Sure you will also earn 50-100% profit of your investment, but this is your own earnings.

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