How to set up copy trading?

Setting up copy trading is not too difficult. Just follow these steps and you will start earning money from the next trading day.

#1 – The copy trading is available on Grand Capital. So, you have to register to this broker. They are a trusted broker. We are working with them for many years and they are very helpful and paying our profits week by week without any problem or delay.

#2 – You have to create an account. What kind of account you have to choose? This depends on how much will be your base investment.

  • If you’d like to trade with $10-$100 amount, choose Micro account with 1:500 leverage. YES, you can start copy trading from $10 right now.
  • If you’d like to trade with more than $100 amount, choose Standard account with 1:500 leverage.

#3 – You have to set copy trading. CLICK HERE TO SET IT! This is an easy one because the system helps you to find the best replication ratio. Check this picture:

This is how you have to set the replication ratio:


Micro account*: REPLICATION RATIO = (YOUR ACCOUNT BALANCE * 100)  / 100

If you need any help to set up copy trading, CONTACT US!


Use compounding to generate more profit on your account. Check your account’s Equity every week and raise the replication ratio if it raised enough.

Example: Your Standard account’s base Balance is $1000. Your starting replication ratio is 10. You can change it to 11 when your account’s Equity reaches $1100.