Setting up copy trading is not too difficult. Just follow these steps and you will start earning money from the next trading day.

#1 – The copy trading is available on Grand Capital. So, you have to register to this broker. They are a trusted broker. We are working with them for many years and they are very helpful and paying our profits week by week without any problem or delay.

#2 – You have to create an account. What kind of account you have to choose? This depends on how much will be your base investment.

The RiskFreeFXBot’s account value is $1134 right now (2018-12-20).

  • If you’d like to trade with $10-$1000 amount, choose Micro account with 1:500 leverage. YES, you can start copy trading from $10 right now.
  • If you’d like to trade with more than $1000 amount, choose Standard account with 1:500 leverage.

If you need help to choose the right investment amount and the right account type, CONTACT US!

#3 – You have to set copy trading. CLICK HERE TO SET IT! This is an easy one, because the system helps you to find the best replication ratio. Check this picture:

For example, if I have $5671 or more on my Standard account, I can use 5* replication ratio. That means that every trade will appear with 5* on my account. If you have a Micro account, you have to count with 100* account value. That means that if you have $60 on your Micro account, that is equal to $6000 value here, so you can choose 5* replication ratio.

If you need any help to set up copy trading, CONTACT US!