How to count your average commission as an affiliate?


Many of you asked us about how much money will you earn with referring others to our copy trading program.

I will show it in an example. $100k challenge is at another broker. They are paying $3.5 commission of each traded lot value. Here are the actual statistics of the project (9th day).

You can see that the most important number to us here is the traded LOT number. The guy who invited Jeremy to us receives $3.5 commission after each traded lots. 1,228.39*3.5=$4,299.37. He earned this amount 8 days. This is very good to him for no work at all, but the best that Jeremy will fund his new account with $2.5M. You can count, how much will be his commission.

I have to tell you one thing about Grand Capital. They are paying $15 commission/lots. Grand Capital’s spread is not too low, but acceptable. Their spread is $30-$60 / lot on an average currency pair or metal, so they can easily pay $15 for the affiliates.

So, if you want to count an average earning:

$1000 copy trader on Grand Capital with our copy trading program will generate ~24*15=$288 profit to you. You can see that I counted with fewer lots. Probably each month will be higher because the copy traders don’t want to withdraw all of their earnings, so the account’s value and the trading lots will raise too.

Our suggestion to our affiliates, that invest a part of your commission every month to the copy trading program to gain your earnings. It can make you very rich very fast.

Just comment, if you have any questions about referring your friends, or send an e-mail through our CONTACT FORM. Please read the FAQ before asking about the RiskFreeFXBot program!