We will start a free earning program and a new account in 2019 March. Why?

Many people need help to start earning online, but they don’t have any money. This project and the new account will be available to anyone.


The main RiskFreeFXBot Manager account growing fast because of compounding. That means, we are rising the trades value and number, how the account generates more profit.

This is a problem for two kinds of copy trader:

  • who wants to withdraw the profit every month or every week

The RiskFreeFXBot account growing fast so the copy traders can’t withdraw the full profit every month or week. This can reduce the account’s balance too much, so the copy trading becomes risky.

  • who starts with a small account

The problem is the same. The RiskFreeFXBot account growing fast, so the minimum account value for the copy traders is also more and more. In some months, the min. account value will be $100-$500 and more.

The new account’s trading equity will be $100 and it won’t change. What does it mean? Anyone can start copy trading with $10.

Do you want to copy the “RiskFreeFXBot – no compounding”  account with your own money? CLICK HERE!


The free program is for anyone. You only have to follow the instructions and you will earn a nice profit without any investment.


The Master account’s value will not change, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t compound. The last 9 weeks’ statistics showed that the monthly profit is ~100%, but we will count with only 50% profit. This is 50% compounding if the average profit will be 100%.

Month Balance Profit
0 $10,00 $5,00
1 $15,00 $7,50
2 $22,50 $11,25
3 $33,75 $16,88
4 $50,63 $25,31
5 $75,94 $37,97
6 $113,91 $56,95
7 $170,86 $85,43
8 $256,29 $128,14
9 $384,43 $192,22
10 $576,65 $288,33
11 $864,98 $432,49
12 $1 297,46 $648,73
13 $1 946,20 $973,10
14 $2 919,29 $1 459,65
15 $4 378,94 $2 189,47
16 $6 568,41 $3 284,20
17 $9 852,61 $4 926,31
18 $14 778,92 $7 389,46
19 $22 168,38 $11 084,19
20 $33 252,57 $16 626,28
21 $49 878,85 $24 939,43
22 $74 818,28 $37 409,14
23 $112 227,41 $56 113,71
24 $168 341,12 $84 170,56

The calculation shows that if you will raise the replication ratio month by month, you will able to gain your account very fast. This calculation is counted with monthly one modification of the replication ratio and only 50% profit. Probably the profit will be higher and you can change the ratio every week.

The good in this program that you can stop anytime. If you need $5000/month, you can stop compounding when you reached this monthly profit and just withdraw it every month (in this calculation you will reach it in 1 year and 4 months).


We will fund your account with $10, but we ask some things from you:

  • do not set any trades on this account,
  • do not use a higher replication ratio than the specified,
  • forward your account’s statements to us,
  • do not reduce the account’s balance under $100.


  1. Register a broker account. CLICK HERE!
  2. Open a USD Micro account with 1:500 leverage.
  3. Send a print-screen of your Grand Capital dashboard, that shows your name and the created account number.
  4. Fill this registration form:



Just register if you are interested. This is free, you can’t lose anything.

24 thoughts on “FREE PROGRAM

  1. I must say I am not too knowledgeable when it comes to forex trading.Though it has been around for a bit now it has always seemed to risky for myself. Then you mentioned bots and that just makes me want to run the other direction. But you also mentioned a money back guarantee so that makes this sound more legit. If I were to invest how soon would I be able to see profit and be able to withdraw?

    • Cathy, You can withdraw anytime you want if you start with a higher amount. If you will start copy trading with the lowest account value, you will able to withdraw the 10% of your profit.

      I suggest to read FAQ.

  2. Hello,

    Thanks for the update and and the various reviews on this program. I have become a huge fan, painstakingly following all the procedures you have laid out evn though I have not been able to register for the program. I strongly believe that it’ll work out for me, as it doesn’t sound like taking a risk to me anymore.


  3. Hi,

    I have read the whole review about this information.This is really a great review about Free Program.Thank you so much for giving this information. I heard this information first. I came to know about Free Program after reading your article.This information is really a very helpful for us.I will share this information with my friends.Again thanks for sharing this informative article.

  4. I’m currently use the app “Stash” for investment purposes.  Is this a similar program?  It sounds almost like the same thing.

    I’ve been using Stash for about a year, and am not very happy with the service.  The user experience is not the easiest.  For example, it close to impossible to link my new bank account for some reason.  I understand there are laws and regulations to follow, but a little more ease would go a long way.

    How is the user experience with theFXBot?

    • No, this is a whole different thing. Maybe you didn’t read the post and the FAQ. The RiskFreeFXBot project created by me and my 2 trader partners. We have more than 10 years of trading experience and we created this project to those who want to earn money with foreign exchange.

      This is a copy trading program. That means that you don’t have to learn anything about trading. You have to open a broker account and then you have to set a copy trading system. That will automatically copy our trades to your account, so you will earn the same profit than us. You can see that our account is very profitable under the STATISTICS menu.

      I suggest reading the FAQ, the STATISTICS.

  5. Just call me a skeptic about this FX program. As a former commodity and options trader, I don’t see how this would work for a novice, or anyone for that matter. As a rule of thumb (or anecdotal evidence if you prefer) traders expected to lose 90% of our trades. It is important to minimize losses on losing trades and maximize profits on the one winning trade out of 10. In other words, it was all about managing risk. Therefore, to say a system is risk free brings out the skeptic in me.

    • It seems you didn’t read the FAQ or anything about the RiskFreeFXBot project. This is a copy trading opportunity. That means that your account will copy our account’s trade. We are professional traders and we are earning profit on our account. You will earn ~ the same profit than ours automatically.

      I hope this is clear right now. I suggest checking the FAQ and STATISTICS. You will see that our account made profit every week, how our copy traders. 

      You commented on the FREE PROGRAM. Why are you skeptic? Do you really think that we want to give money to the members to trade if we are not sure that they will earn with it? If we’d drop out money for nothing, there are easier options than creating a program like this. This is to help to earn money for those who don’t have enough money to invest.

  6. You Got my attention but i really have no clue about trading or really anything to do with investing at all. Is there any more info you can provide that explain more? I’m a numbers kinda of guy especially if it has a dollar sign in front of it. Thanks for sharing this info I’m definitely interested.

  7. This is a very good initiative. Excellent writeup as well, but I have a question about the system since its gonna be run by bot. If a customer makes an order that is beyond the bot’s scope of knowledge, that could be a problem, especially if there is no human to interpret the order or deal with such a situation, should it crop up what are the measures that can be implemented for better assurance to your members?? 

    • You probably didn’t read FAQ.

      The RiskFreeFXBot project is a copy trading program. That means that your account will copy ours. The robot has been working on our account with our control. You can see that it makes nice profit – check the STATISTICS

      So, the members will earn the same profit that we will on our account automatically. This is simple, isn’t it?

  8. Hello,This is a great review on the Forex Trading program.  You mentioned that it is Free to join and with initial deposit.  I will try my hand on this program since everything is very well laid out.  It’s good that you even have sample computations and can cancel anytime which is no risk to everyone.Thank you for an awesome information.

  9. I am not good at Forex trading, most times I lost and I feel maybe it’s because I am not that knowledgeable about it. In the RiskFreeFXBot FAQ I noticed the project will not teach you to trade and we will not give you expert Advisor, in a situation like this how do I know how to carry out the trading procedure if no one will be there to guide me?

    • You missed one important thing. This is a copy trading program. That means you don’t have to do anything. The system will automatically copy the trades of our account to yours. With this method, you will earn the same % profit then we will on our account. Check the STATISTICS. The copy traders earned the same % every week. Simple, isn’t it? 

  10. It sounds like a pretty sweet deal – and forex trading can be tricky so it’s nice to have a formula in place to work for you. 

    As far as withdrawing at any time – when you are on the free account you can only withdraw a small portion at a time – Have I got this right? (10%?)

    • No. The members of FREE PROGRAM will copy a new account – check the first part of this post. This is a “no compounding” account, so when you will reach the first $10 profit, you can withdraw it. Sure, the goal is that raise the account’s value higher to earn higher profit with the program. In some months, you will able to withdraw hundreds of dollars per month. 

      And don’t forget that you don’t have to invest any cent to earn with the FREE PROGRAM.

  11. Hi – forgive me, please, for being sceptical.

    1. If the program and bot are so successful, why share it? You must have made $10ks, if not $100Ks with it. – or at least, even with small amounts you’ll make $1Ms in a few months. Yet you’re sharingg it in return for a 15% commission from micro accounts. That doesn’t make sense.

    2. Although the exponential profit increase in your table is mathematically correct, practically you would run into problems of execution, especially if people copying the bets are trying to place such large orders, too. I know FX is a $trillion business but you can’t place such large amounts easily.

    I love the idea of bot trading but some of the better ones only(!!) return about 75%/year. I hope you can convince me that this is genuine. The money-back guarantee is not worth anything unless it;s placed in escrow since, Dear people we don’t know who you are.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Brin,

      1. I am a Forex trader – a successful one – with more than 10 years of trading experience. I am very wealthy. My personal account’s balance generates $50k-$100k to me, my company accounts make ~$200k every month. This project is created to help others to earn money with our strategy.
      2. Sure, this is just a calculation, but the good in the project that there is enough pair to trade, so until you reach $50k-$100k balance, you won’t have any problem with the trading values.
      3. This is a robot created by me and works with manual correction. You have to know that there is no perfect trading EA, but with professional control, it can be safe.

      You commented to the FREE PROGRAM. Can you tell me, where is the risk if we give you money to start, and you don’t have to pay anything, just wait to earn profit.

  12. Thank you for this empowerment program. I have registered. After the registration, am I suppose to wait till the first of march to start earning?How are you going to fund my account when you do not have the access code or Is it there something like a gift program in grand capital?

    • Yes, you have to wait. We will able to fund your account with a BTC deposit (we don’t need any access code). We will contact you soon and we will give you all the instructions you need.

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