Please ask, before you start to copy our account, if you are not sure about something. Our trading strategy is profitable and Risk-Free, but you can lose money if your setup is bad.

Here are some answers that can probably help:

The most important question: How can I earn money from tomorrow?

Just follow these simple steps!


Who we are?

We are Forex traders with more than 10 years of trading experience (Gino, Nicola and Marco).

What is RiskFreeFXBot and what is the RiskFreeFXBot project?

I created an Expert Advisor – a “robot” or “bot” – 3 years ago. This analyses the charts by using some indicators and oscillators on 3 timeframes. This opens the trades automatically on our account. We made some changes in the strategy in the first few months of testing with Nicola and Marco.  This final version is working perfectly with our control.

RiskFreeFXBot project is a copy trading option. We will not teach you to trade and we will not give you the Expert Advisor. This copy trading option helps you to earn money with copying our account.

What is forex copy trading? How can I earn risk-free with it?

This is in its name. There is a main – Master account. This is our account (we are sharing its statistics under the STATISTICS menu or you can check a verified/auto updated chart on our HOMEPAGE). Your personal broker account will be connected to this account and the system will automatically place all the trades on the Slave account.

And why is it risk-free? We know how to trade and use our robot. We will earn 50-100% profit on it every month. Your account will also earn this % of profit every month.

We also suggest checking our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for promoters. We are not searching for real marketers. We just ask you to share your results/experiences on Social networks or on your blog. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Do I have to pay for using the RiskFreeFXBot project?

The only thing you have to do is register a broker account ( free ), fund your account ( depends on the payment system you choose – mostly $0 ), set the copy trading ( free ). But you have to know that we will receive a commission after the profit you will earn on your account. The system will automatically reduce your profit with 15% of your profit and will send it to us.

Can I really earn 10,000% profit with it annually?

Sure. You can make $1,000,000 profit with only $100 investment in less than 2 years. Read about it here: https://riskfreefxbot.com/10-000-yearly-profit-is-possible

What is the right replication ratio?

The Copy Trading setup is very easy. You will see something like that:

The system will automatically show you what is the required balance you need for a replication ratio. If you are using a Micro account, you have to multiply your balance by 100. So, if your Micro account’s balance is $50, you can choose a replication ratio that requires $5000 balance.

When and how much can I withdraw?

You have to check the equity and your balance before you withdraw from your account. You have to be sure that the replication ratio will be safe after your withdrawal will be done. The easier if you withdraw when we are doing it, or just CONTACT US before your first withdrawal and we will help you to do it safely.

Do you have an Affiliate or Referral program?

Our broker has an Affiliate program. You can earn a part of the trading spreads (this is the broker’s profit). So you can register to their Affiliate program and then ask them to join our program. Read more about it here: https://riskfreefxbot.com/affiliates

How to count your average commission as an affiliate?

Read this post about it!

Do you have another question? Please ask in a comment or through our contact form.

24 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. RiskfreeFxbot sound and looks realistic to me, as a new trader what are your advice to us. Being new to the business we have to be careful of risk taking. I’ve gone through some of your post in the past and I do have confidence in you! But how do we get the confidence without testimonial from existing people who are benefiting from the program.

    Have a nice day, Thank you

    • This is a new project. We don’t have enough members and all of them are new. This is why we created the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE to those who share their experience. I hope that some members will join this and will share their satisfaction or unsatisfaction.

      Do I have a suggestion to those who want to trade? Learn technical and fundamental analysis and practice on a demo or micro account until you are profitable for min. one year.

  2. Hi, This is a great article with specific information about risk free FX bot. I believe it will be helpful for all beginners who wanted to gain profit consistently without any advance knowledge and from a little bit investment. Since it is risk free, most people will find a confidence and trust it. I am going to refer it to my all followers. Thanks for sharing this excellent information.

  3. Great post and good info.

    Ive heard about it, and I wanted to check what it is. 

    This sounds too good to be true, can you show me the opposite? 

    I mean, I’ve done trading a few years ago, and even with the best and positive vibe we had in that time, I never achieved such a succes. 

    But I want to know more about it, because if this works, i will join it. 

    Thanks for sharing! 

    • “This sounds too good to be true, can you show me the opposite? “

      No, this is working. You can try it with our Money Back Guarantee. You will see that this is working and you don’t have to afraid of losing. 

      You can ask your questions here or in an email.

  4. Wow! This is amazing. Forex trading has been an online business am always afraid of, however, with this platform I can boldly say am no more afraid because I don’t need to go through the stress of monitoring the trade, all has been taken care off. And I can also start with zero or no capital and the commission for the broker is reasonable. Thanks guys. 

  5. I always tread with caution when it comes to forex trading due to the highly volatile nature of the market. I have seen so many people lose money on forex after paying for some “bots” to do the trading.I really don’t get it from you write-up, what is the minimum deposit I can start trade with? I understand I don’t need to pay for the account set-up and bots. Plus, can the system work with a mobile device or I need a computer to make it all work?

    • You can start it with only $20 investment and you don’t have to trade, just set the copy trading on the broker’s website, so you can do it easily with your smartphone.  Thanks for your question.

  6. Risk Free Bots tend to make a lot of people nervous.Forex trading and in fact any trading always has risks.Could you perhaps point out on your website how to prove your are risk free? Most people who trade always expect a risk.The money back guarantee sounds positive but it would be better to engage with real humans who have used your Bot and who have achieved success

    • It looks like that you didn’t read the FAQ. We are not selling our bot, because we have no time to teach you how to trade and how to use a Forex Expert Advisor. This is a new project and all of the copy traders, who joined us are new. But you can see our account’s weekly statistics on the website. That shows that this is very profitable, working, so it is risk-free. 

      We created the Money Back Guarantee offer to have more users who will write about their experience. I hope, many new members will join that, so we will able to share posts of our users.

  7. It’s interesting to have that RiskFreeFXBot project for free. If the time comes for me to try that Forex copy trading I will use it for a guaranteed business profit. It’s not good to lose your money, it must grow.

    This information will surely be encouraged many to continue with  Forex copy trading and the RiskFreeFXBot project.

  8. The idea of “RiskFreeFxBot” (The Robot) will be wonderful, good innovation in helping to navigate profitable trading for Forex Traders. But the question is, how is going to be possible without teaching the novice trader, but the technology would trade on behalf of the trader without breaching ‘conflict of interest”?

    I’m not trying to be a naysayer but i’m really optimistic this can work. But connecting personal Broker’s account to the system’s account automatically, shouldn’t be optional? and if it’s risk free as you said, what’s compensation if there is a loss(probably)?

    • Let me answer to your questions:

      This is not fully automated trading. We control the trades. The copy trading will guarantee that you will not lose. 

      Our account will be profitable. This is 100%. I have 12 years of trading experience and I’ve been earning money with trading month to month. All of our trades will appear on your account and this is how you will earn the same profit than we will.

      You can also join us with our Money Back Guarantee. This is not just about losing. We will pay you if you can’t withdraw your investment as profit in 6 months. This is more than a simple money back guarantee. This is profit guarantee.

  9. I’ve heard of Forex before but that was years ago and I never got to understand much about it.You said that you’ve done your homework for three years about this with RiskFreeFXBot.

    I mean who wouldn’t be interested in this kind of return on your money?These really are unbelievable numbers.

    I get concerned about losing money. I’m not much of a gambler. So what are the risks involved?

    It amazes me that this program can return such high percentages. How would someone go about in getting started with this?

    • Let me answer your questions:

      ” So what are the risks involved? ” 

      I have to say that you don’t have to worry about anything. The RiskFreeFXBot created 3 years ago and every month was profitable.

      You can join the program easily. Just go to our homepage and click on”JOIN NOW!”

  10. Sheesh! How tempting, I made x10 trading with forest and lost it in less than a week haha… buy anyway, I’d do it again, I don’t regret since life is about taking risks, that’s how it works, can’t stay still forever, gotta do something to move on, and if you fall, stand up and keep going! I like the idea actually… Nice content.

    • I sorry to hear about your loss. This project helps to recover your losses and earn a 2nd salary with it. Our Forex copy trading project guarantees that you will earn profit.

      I also suggest checking our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE offer. 

  11. I am still very interested in your concept to be honest with you. I am getting familiar with your offer and checking your other posts. I am really glad you have FAQ section because this really helps a lot. I’ve tried Forex once like a few years ago, but I only had a demo account. I know nothing abouti investing and I lost all my virtual money.

    I am guessing that with FX bot those risks would be way lower? Can you give me an answer about certainty of my investment? Is my investment going to be returned?


    • I suggest checking our Money Back Guarantee offer. 

      We will pay back 100% of your investment if you can’t withdraw min. 100% of your deposit in 6 months. This is a simple offer, isn’t it? “

      So, if you are really interested in a project that guarantees profit, just sign up, invest any amount that you want and I guarantee that you will be satisfied. 

  12. This is great. I always thought that fx trading is very volatile in nature and there is no ways it can be risk free. I am going to give it a try with this Riskfreefxbot.

    As a beginner with zero knowledge about forex trading, what is the minimum start up capital and how am I sure that my hard earned money is safe. 

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