Are you satisfied with the result of the RiskFreeFXBot? Do you want to invite your friends to copy the account?

You can earn money with it.  This is simple.

#1 – Register to Grand Capital

#2 – Click on the Affiliate programs and register. You will have a referral link and many kinds of promotional options (banners, informers, etc.).

#3 – Contact us to receive your RiskFreeFXBot links to promote.  You will receive the RiskFreeFXBot HOMEPAGE and the 10 000% YEARLY PROFIT IS POSSIBLE! page with your own Grand Capital affiliate link in it.

#4 – Ask your friends, to register to Grand Capital through your referral linkand to set the copy trading of the RiskFreeFXBot LAMM Master account.

#5 – Count your referral commission of your friend’s trades.

How to count your average commission as an affiliate?



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What is this referring model about?

You can invite members to the RiskFreeFXBook project with an offer. Offer them, that you will fund their account with the min. investment amount, so they can test the profitability of the program without any opportunity of loss.

Why is it good for you?

  1. This shows that you not afraid of losing your money.
  2. You will earn your “investment” back soon.
  3. More member in your affiliate system will generate more and more invitation if you are contacting with your referrals day by day, week by week.

How will you earn back your “investment”?

If you offer, that you fund your referral’s account with $10, you can do it with BitCoin deposit easily. Your referral creates the deposit order and you make the transfer. Your referral will set up the copy trading of the RiskFreeFXBot LAMM account and will start to earn money.

Grand Capital offers $15 per each traded lot volume.

If we are counting with a $10 Micro account, the RiskFreeFXBot will generate 120-150 trades every month with 0.15-0.20 lot volume. This will generate ~$2.5 profit in commissions in the first month. That means you will able to earn back your investment in 4 months and all your commissions after it will be your profit.

Don’t forget that most referrals will invest money in his account in the first 3-6 months, so your profit will be much higher soon.