9th Weekly Statistics Of The “Classic” RiskFreeFXBot (All Time: +355.08%)


We had better weeks earlier, but this was not a bad one. The market was against us. The trends were not clear and we stuck in trades for 5-10 hours or more many times. The weekly profit was a little higher than last week. $323.90 is a very nice profit from many sights.

#1 – The account launched with a $700 deposit 9 weeks ago. This is ~50% of this amount.

#2 – Anyone can start copy trading with $25-30 on a micro account or $2500-$3000 on a standard account. This is more than 10% profit in a “bad” week.

The all-time statistics look very nice. We had very profitable weeks earlier and this $300+ is enough to raise the all-time profit % enough. The RiskFreeFXBot generated lot more profit than the expected. 

We didn’t write a statistics post on 2019-02-05 (the end of 2nd month), but you can see the monthly update on the bottom of this post. This will prove to the readers that we can reach what we showed on the profit calculation.

10 000% yearly profit is possible!

And finally here is the profit chart of the project. You can see the same chart of our homepage (on the HOMEPAGE you can see a widget, that automatically refreshes itself). Looks good, isn’t it?

You have to count on this account boosting if you want to start copying the RiskFreeFXBot Master account.  You need $30 to copy it safely with a Micro account and $500 with a Standard account. Start it now!