7th Weekly Statistics Of The New RiskFreeFXBot (All Time: +263.47%)


We finished trading for this week. We made enough profit for this week. The final result is $386.77.

The last two days of the week were very good and finally, we closed with more than $1800 all-time profit. The expected profit for this month is $720. We made more profit than this and we still have 7 trading days until 2019-02-05.

With this profit, we jumped above 250%. This is a nice result in less than 2 months.

The chart on GrandCapital still looks nice and it will be better and better.

You have to count on this account boosting if you want to start copying the RiskFreeFXBot Master account.  You need $25 to copy it with a Micro account, $500 with a Standard account. Start it now!


Some words about the $100k challenge: We finished the first week 19,5% profit. We almost reached the goal in a week.

Read about the project here:




  1. Louis


    Truly the result speaks for itself. This is really impressive and I’m beyond tempted to join this program. Do I actually have to do the trade myself or does the system automatically trade for me? I’m a bit busy and may not have the time and secondly poor network could derail my trading. How can one payout from this program?

    • RiskFreeFXBot


      Let me answer your questions:

      Do I actually have to do the trade myself or does the system automatically trade for me?

      This is an automated copy trading system. You don’t have to do anything after you set the system.

      How can one payout from this program?

      You can withdraw from your account anytime you want. We suggest withdrawing 10% of the profit every month. With this strategy, you can boost your account’s value fast and your monthly profit will also grow faster.

  2. Cheri


    It’s interesting and inspiring to see your continual results. And that 250% profit in less than two months is both impressive and amazing. The $100k challenge is way out of my league, but I’m enjoying watching the progress. Talk about the fast track to profits! Thanks for the update and your insights. 

  3. Henry


    Hi! These charts are really impressive! And the return in profits is really quick. It really sounds too good to be true. What’s the minimum amount required to invest? With such impressive results, it’s natural to be a bit skeptical. We could first give it a try investing the lowest amount, and when we have made profit then reinvest.

  4. Levered Income


    Algo-Trading is an interesting concept and can lead to large profits with the right bot. When it works, it frees a person from sitting in front of the trading screen all day tracking the market. There are a lot of different bots, so I have a couple of questions about the system:

    Can you give a little (non-proprietary) detail on your trading bot? Has it been backtested? If so, how far back in time? How long have you run the final algorithm in a live (non-paper) account? Is this your first or only active bot? Do you continually test the bot and improve the algo? Is it built on the MetaQuotes Social Trading system in MetaTrader4? Do you have an accessible signal provider link at Grand Capital?

    Does your master account have any priority on trades versus the slave accounts (does Grand Capital execute the master and the sale accounts as one block or the master first)? Can you give a rough capital investment in the master (5-figures, 6-figures, etc). 

    All FOREX trading contains risk of loss of your entire investment. How does your bot mitigate risk? Are losses limited to your initial capital investment or does the account employ margin leverage?

    Thanks for all of the answers.

    • RiskFreeFXBot


      I suggest reading the FAQ, but let me answer your questions:

      We are forex traders with more than 10 years of experience and I created the bot 3 years ago. We’ve been using it on our private and company accounts with 50-100% monthly profit.

      We are not selling the bot, because we have no time to teach you how to trade and control an Expert Advisor. The copy trading option is a good opportunity to earn profit without trading experience.

      Grand Capital execute the Master and Slave accounts as one block. I suggest checking the earlier Statistics to learn more about the Master account. The losses are limited to your capital, but you don’t have to worry about it.

      I suggest checking the Money Back Guarantee too if you are interested in joining our project.

  5. Kehinde Segun


    I was impressed when i first stumbled into the first article of Risk Free Robot. Thought, I was first skeptical about it that the machine would trade on  traders behalf to make profit on behalf of the trader.But i made more enquiry about it, i found out it is a less risk investmentBut my question is how can i apply for training to have understanding of the Forex Trading training myself because I’m a complete novice on Forex Trading?

    • RiskFreeFXBot


      We will not teach you to trade. The RiskFreeFXBot project is a copy trading system, that helps you to earn the same % of profit that we earn on the RiskFreeFXBot LAMM Master account. This guarantee that you will not loose with it. This is why this is Risk-Free.

      I suggest reading the FAQ and the Money Back Guarantee posts if you are really interested in earning with Forex trading.

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