5th Weekly Statistics Of The “Classic” RiskFreeFXBot (All Time: +145.14%)


This week we reached the $1000 profit on the RiskFreeFXBot monitoring account. So, start with the all time profit %. This is 145.14%.

The GrandCapital monitoring chart shows that the PROFIT line rising. IN/OUT and the BALANCE is lower because of the withdrawals.

The MyFXBook profit chart also shows how the account gaining from day to day. I hope we will reach enough profit soon to withdraw more than the starting balance. 

The printscreen of the trading history shows that we generated $272.40 profit this week. This is not bad. The next picture will give us lot more info about last week.

The $272.40 profit is more than the last week’s, with $117.33 but our win ratio was lower. This week was not the best for the bot, but the account’s gaining didn’t stop.