5th weekly statistics of the “Classic” RiskFreeFXBot (All time: +106.17%)


This is another Friday afternoon. The US marked opened ~ an hour ago, but we already finished trading for this week.

Start with the MyFXBook’s charts. This statistics shows that the actual Gain is +107.78%. I counted with the base numbers: $743.18 is 106.17% of the $700 base investment. 

You can see the received commissions as extra deposits – Deposits: $732.00 – and the withdrawals too – $111 profit part+ $32 commission = $143. We finished trading an hour ago. You see that the Equity is 100%. That means that there is no running trade on the monitoring account.

The profit chart also shows nice positive movement. Yesterday, we reached $700 – 100% – profit and now we are near to $800.


The Advanced Statistics shows that we closed 164 trades from the begining, 125 won and 39 loss. But check the chart. This is another one that shows how the profit grew day by day.

And finally the Grand Capital chart. The all time profit $743, the In/Out is $589 (base investmen $700 – withdrawals $111) and the Balance is $1332.

If the bot will do it’s job right the GREEN and the YELLOW lines will go higher the RED line will go lower every day.