2nd Withdrawal (All Withdawal: 14.00%)


In 2019 our monitoring account will generate huge profit and all of our copy traders will do the same. But why is it good to earn huge amount of money if you don’t spend a part of it.

As we wrote earlier, our plan is that we will reach 50% profit every month or more. We know that it will be probably more than this so we will withdraw a part of the profit every day from the 1st month. The 1st month is almost over so we decided to start withdrawing today.

The first trading day of 2019 was very profitable.

We decided that we will withdraw 10-20% of the daily profit. This time the withdrawal amount is $10.

This morning we received some commissions too. $20 added to our account by Grand Capital. Sure we withdrew this amount too.

So, with the $10 withdrawal the all time withdrawal of our profit is increased to 14% ($98).