1st withdrawal (All withdawal: 12.57%)


First of all, let me wish a Happy New Year to all of you.

We started the new year with a withdrawal. As I wrote earlier, the plan is that we’ll generate more than 10000% profit on the RiskFreeFXBot Monitoring account in one year, but during the year, we’d like to withdraw some of our generated profit.

The first month was very profitable. Lot more profitable then we exected. So we decided that in 2019 we’ll withdraw a small part of the earnings every week. This will shows that anyone can earn weekly profit with us.

We set the first withdrawal today – 2019-01-01.

Our deposit was $700 on 5th of Dec., 2018. Our withdrawal is $88. This is 12.57% of the deposit we made. This is an All time  transaction history downloaded from MetaTrader. You can see the Deposit amount, the Generated profit and the 1st Withdrawal in this one picture.

The withdrawal appeared on the MyFXBook statistics too. Sure, you can see the same on the GrandCapital LAMM Manager chart too.