1st milestone reached – 100% profit earned


RiskFreeFXBot is a long term project. We will show that it is possible to earn 10,000% profit with Forex Trading.

If you are a trader you are probably happy when you are reach 100%, 500%, 1,000%, 5,000% or 10,000% profit. We will probably reach all of these in less than one year.

Today – 3rd of January, 2019 – we reached the first milestone.

The MT4 ALL TIME TRANSACTION HISTORY shows that the base deposit invested on 2018.12.05. It was $700.

You can also see that the Profit/Loss value is higher than $700 right now.

The chart on the Grand Capital’s LAMM Manager’s platform also shows that the profit reached $700.

You can see the same on the auto-updated chart on our homepage. This is verified by MyFXBook, so I made a screenshot about the main graph too. This also shows that the profit reached $700. We have one running trade on the account right now, but this is near to zero. You can see that the Equity is 99.71%.

We have one more trading day until the closure of the first month, so we will probably reach a little more than 100% monthly profit.