1st milestone reached – 100% profit earned


RiskFreeFXBot is a long term project. We will show that it is possible to earn 10,000% profit with Forex Trading.

If you are a trader you are probably happy when you are reach 100%, 500%, 1,000%, 5,000% or 10,000% profit. We will probably reach all of these in less than one year.

Today – 3rd of January, 2019 – we reached the first milestone.

The MT4 ALL TIME TRANSACTION HISTORY shows that the base deposit invested on 2018.12.05. It was $700.

You can also see that the Profit/Loss value is higher than $700 right now.

The chart on the Grand Capital’s LAMM Manager’s platform also shows that the profit reached $700.

You can see the same on the auto-updated chart on our homepage. This is verified by MyFXBook, so I made a screenshot about the main graph too. This also shows that the profit reached $700. We have one running trade on the account right now, but this is near to zero. You can see that the Equity is 99.71%.

We have one more trading day until the closure of the first month, so we will probably reach a little more than 100% monthly profit.



  1. Israel


    Thanks for the highly-informative post! One thing is that I don’t have much experience about forex trading at all, whereas, I’ve been interested in being a forex trader for so long, not knowing the right step to take to get started and become a successful forex trader.

    I bought an eBook some months ago based on Forex trading but couldn’t figure out how to make huge profits trading forex. If you wouldn’t mind, is there any step I can take or an ebook I can download to learn about forex trading the right way and become successful in the business? Thanks for your response in anticipation!

    Israel Olatunji

    • RiskFreeFXBot


      Forex trading is not an easy stuff. You can’t learn it from e-books or from a fast course. You need to practice a lot.

      RiskFreeFXBot is a project that helps to earn money without experience. We have more than 10 years of trading experience and we created a robot – Expert Advisor – to trade. We been tested it for 3 years. 

      The base of this project is copy trading. You don’t have to do nothing, just set up the copy trading on your broker account and the trades will be copied to your account automatically. The success is guaranteed.

  2. Merlynmac


    Impressive results, especially in such a short time.

    This has definitely piqued my interest.

    I just stumbled upon this post.  Can you give me more information as to how you achieved such results (i.e. iIs this some sort of investing club, investment training program, etc.)?

    Your results have definitely caught my attention.

    Thank you

    • RiskFreeFXBot


      First of all, thanks for the comment.

      I suggest to check our homepage. You will see that this project is better than any kind of course or tutorial program. This is based on copy trading. 

      That means that you don’t have to learn nothing about Forex trading. This is our job. We have more than 10 years of experience in trading and we’ve been testing our Expert Advisor for more than 3 years. This generated more than 50% profit every month.

      Copy trading is an option at the broker. So, you have to open your broker account, fund it and set the copy trading. We will help you to set it up perfectly, to earn guaranteed profit. The system will copy the trades automatically to your account. You don’t have to do nothing, just to wait for the profit and withdraw from your account anytime you want.

      Just contact us if you have any question about it!

  3. Kris


    Forex trading always looks really good, but in reality, it is really hard to make a profit.  I found it hard to pick the ups and downs.  It’s great you hit the milestone of 100% congratulations, you will have to write a how-to guide to forex trading showing in detail how you do it. Thanks for the post.

    • RiskFreeFXBot


      Dear Kris. 

      If you check the homepage, you will see that our program is about copy trading. We have more than 10 years of trading experience and we created the RiskFreeFXBot 3 years ago. This is a robot – Expert Advisor – that set the trades that based on our best trading strategy. 

      So you don’t have to learn how to trade. You can simply open a broker account and set the copy trading of our monitoring account. With this option you will earn almost the same  % of profit on your own account day by day like we do.

      I suggest to check the website, check the statistics/posts and ask your questions. 

      Finally, thanks for the comment.

  4. Riaz Shah


    Omg that’s awesome man, congrats! Wooo $700 profit, a lot you could do with that but most importantly, it shows that the system works and we all need to work to it in order to get it. Next milestone would definitely bigger wouldn’t it but out of curiosity, are you planning to roll in the cash to grow it further or are you planning to withdraw some?

    • RiskFreeFXBot


      You can see that I already withdrew smaller parts of the profit. I suggest to all copy traders that withdraw ~10% of the earned profit weekly or monthly. The system is automated and the best is that you don’t have to learn how to trade Forex. This is our job. You only have to open a broker account and set the copy trading of our account. With compounding anyone can reach more than 10000% profit annually. 

      The next milestone is 500% profit and I hope we will reach it soon 🙂

  5. Seun Afotanju


    Forex trading has been one thing I’ve always had in mind but the finance and the know how has been what is holding me back, please is there any e-book or tutorial you can recommend to help me in forex trading? I’m glad to know that success is guaranteed, also is how do I get this copy trading and set it on my brokers account? 

    • RiskFreeFXBot


      If you really want to learn how to trade, you have to learn for years and practice for 1-2 years.

      RiskFreeFXBot.com is a project that helps anyone to earn profit with Forex. You can see how profitable our trading method. With a simple setup on your broker account, all of the trades will be copied to your account automatically.

      The method is simple and free. You have to open an account, fund it and set the copy trading. We can help you to set it up. Just contact us if you need help.

  6. Richard


    I have seen a marked increase in online trading advertisement and the way that ordinary people can get involved in this. The way you have explained the system is clear and straight forward.

    I am still at the beginning and starting a family so there is not huge amounts of cash reserves available to invest. What is a reasonable amount to start trading with where the average person can start trading?


    • RiskFreeFXBot


      What is a reasonable amount to start trading with where the average person can start trading?

      The answer is simple. You can test the project with $15 investment on your Micro account, but later you will probably invest more to earn more. You have to choose the right amount that enough to you. A $1000 account will generate more than $100k in profit, so you don’t have to invest too much to earn nice profit.

      Please ask your questions if you have any.

  7. Paul


    First I would like to appreciate you on your achievement. Thanks for the Success post! This has to be motivating, not only for me but also for many others who are interested in Forex trading.

    To be honest with you, for many years Forex trading is on my list and always wanted to try it but because of the huge amount of time and knowledge it requires I was staying away from it. When you said we can only learn it by practicing it was an eye-opener.

    When I read the project is copy trading it sounds awesome. Its always better to model and follow someone who is already a success!

    May I ask what is the minimum amount of investment?

    Keep Rocking,


    • RiskFreeFXBot


      Dear Paul,

      You can start our copy trading project with only $15 on a Micro account. So, you can test it with a very low amount.

      Thanks for your question and please ask if you have others.

  8. Mark Wong


    Awesome! Happy to know what you’ve accomplished!! 

    I just got into the are of trading, and I’m still learning the basics about it. But I know it’s difficult to earn a 100% profit, so glad to know that! Keep it up! It’s just the beginning, success is on the way!!!

    Wish you all the best:)


    • RiskFreeFXBot


      Dear Mark,

      If you want to learn how to trade, be careful and learn/practice a lot.

      Don’t forget that during this period, you can join our project to earn money without the risk of loss.

      I also wish you all the best.


  9. Rutz


    This is an impressive performance within such a short time. How did you manage to achieve so much within such a time?  I once tried forex trading and I failed so miserably.  I am not sure if I want to try again.  Would you recommend this for a newbie?  Does one need to go through some training?

    • RiskFreeFXBot


      We are Forex traders with more than 10 years of trading experience, this is how we can generate that much profit.

      This project is based on copy trading. You saw the statistics of our account. Your account will automatically copy ours. To answer your questions, you don’t have to go through any training. You will open your own broker account, fund it and set the copy trading (we will help you to set it up). This will be an automated system that will generate profit to you. Please ask if you have more question.

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