$100k challange is over – 35.63% profit earned in 2 weeks


This will be the last day of the $100k challenge

The challenge was about reaching 20% profit on a $100k account in 4 trading weeks. We reached it faster and our copy trader made a decision. He will fund his account with $2,500,000.

That means we won’t share the results from the next trading week. I am sorry to tell, but most of our readers still can’t believe their eyes.  I explained many times how the project works and that they can see from hour to hour how the programs generate profit to us.

The verified and auto-updated charts – verified by MyFXBook – shows the actual standings. This is real and you can earn the same % profit as these accounts.

RiskFreeFXBot project – First deposit: $700 (2018-12-05) – Profit: 275% (2019-02-01)


FMS EA copy trading – First deposit$70 (2019-01-28) – Profit 22.33% (2019-01-31)

This is a new project with investment back guarantee and zero fees for the 10 first investors (avg. profit 80-150%/mo.)

These charts show how our accounts grow. I know that this looks unbelievable, but this is real and anyone can earn the same profit. So if you are searching for an opportunity to earn money online, join one of our projects and use our offers to receive guaranteed profit and pay less or zero fees.

Please read the FAQ and contact us if you have any questions.


2019-02-01 (Friday) – Profit: $35,630.32



  1. abioye olalekan


    this is soul touching 

    i wish i can just be good and perfect with forex trading; i have lost so many funds and i burnt my account severally.

    Is there any unique way i can make good cash with forex. i cant just wait to make good income from it.

    awaiting your positive response

    • RiskFreeFXBot


      The RiskFreeFXBot project is for you. This is a copy trading program. That means, your account will copy ours automatically so you will earn the same % profit than we do. 

      I suggest to read the FAQ, our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE offer. These will probably help you to understand why is this the perfect project to you.

  2. Snap Brisk


    Wow, this is something really incredible. 

    Making 35.63% within 4 weeks is actually unbelievable. Have to dig deeper on your site! What is actually the minimum deposit? Is there any risk in losing money? Or it’s all, as you are saying, guaranteed? I don’t mind investing money if I am sure I will not lose it and of course the profit depends on the situation.  

    • RiskFreeFXBot


      I suggest reading FAQ and Statistics. You will see that this program is really profitable and very safe. I hope we will see you soon in the team of our successful copy traders.

  3. charles39


    This one part I will have to agree with you it’s quiet hard to believe that it’s possible but the numbers are saying otherwise so this system can work it’s working so the thing is investing and that should be our next step so that we can all make money online and minimize the chances of losses.

  4. Kenechi


    This looks real and powerful. Has there ever been a time u ever ran into  loss at all?  You could make such huge amount of profit within just few weeks. Two weeks precisely. What is the minimum amount someone can invest in your company and making amazing life time profits.?

    • RiskFreeFXBot


      First of all, you can’t invest in our company. This is a copy trading program, so you will fund your personal broker account and the copy trader system will generate the same profit on your account that we will make on our own. I suggest starting with min. $50, but the actual minimum is ~$30 on a micro account.

      If you are really interested just click on “JOIN NOW!” on our homepage and follow the steps, contact us and we will help you to set the copy trading perfectly.

  5. Tony


    Hi there:

    I am very much interested in this. I am a very flexible person always looking for opportunities like this to make money online. I think an average guarantee profit of 80 to 150% is awesomely awesome. Can you please provide me with more information on how to proceed please? I am 100% interested.


    • RiskFreeFXBot


      Tony, If you are really interested in the RiskFreeFXBot project, just go the homepage and click on “JOIN NOW!”.

      I’d like to ask you to read the FAQ, the post about MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and contact us in an e-mail to be sure that your setup will be perfect.

  6. Clement


    Now I can say with full confidence that riskfreefxbot platform is legit and a place worth investing. I have been following this $100,000 challenge right from day one and I must confess the platform is transparent and open to Everyone. I will invest answer how it goes. Thank you for this great piece of information.

  7. Autofreak


    I wonder if you used indicators like stochastic, harmonic scanner, etc.That’s really a good ROI on investment of $10,000.Trading financial market can give ridiculous amount of profit in Short time, but the reward is as big the loss. The beauty of forex financial marker l is it huge.

    I am still going to learn more about forec

    • RiskFreeFXBot


      You probably do not read about the RiskFreeFXBot project. I created this robot 3 years ago and yes this use indicators and oscillators to find the right trends and trading opportunities.

      I have to correct you that the $100k account’s base balance was $100,000 and that the RiskFreeFXBot project is a manually controlled trading with an Expert Advisor. That means we are using fundamental analysis too and this makes the project risk-free and profitable like this.

      I suggest to read these posts to learn more about the project:




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