100% money back guarantee to “promoters”

This offer shows how we are trusting in the RiskFreeFXBot project.

We’ve been thinking about it from the beginning and this is the time to start it. So, what is it about?

RiskFreeFXBot is an investment opportunity with the possibility of very high returns with a copy trading option.

Why is it good to the investors?

  • Your investment will be placed to your own broker account and you can withdraw it anytime you want.
  • You don’t have to learn how to trade or how to use a Forex trader “robot”. We are trading on the RiskFreeFXBot Master account and your account will copy the trade of this account automatically.
  • You will earn high % of profit. You can see the results under the STATISTICS menu.

Talk about our money back guarantee offer.

We are sure that if you will set the copy trading’s replication ratio right, you will earn nice profit with it month by month and you will not lose your money. It is impossible because our system is working RISK-FREE.

100% money back guarantee

We will pay back 100% of your investment if you can’t withdraw min. 100% of your deposit in 6 months. This is a simple offer, isn’t it?

Anyone can register to this opportunity, who accept some rules. These are not too difficult and I think these are acceptable.

  • You have to invest the minimum amount of “safe deposit”. This is $20 on a Micro account today (2019-01-19). We will tell you what is the minimum amount.
  • You have to set the copy trading by our instructions and you accept that you will not change it.
  • You have to send your trading account’s MT4 login codes. We will check your account sometimes to be sure, that the copy trading is working well.
  • You accept that you won’t withdraw any amount from your account, only if we ask you to. We have to talk about any amount of withdrawals to keep your account safe.
  • We will share your name (nickname) and your blog/website/social account where you will write about your experience of RiskFreeFXBot. This will be a promotion to you too.
  • You have to share min. 1 post about the project every week.

So, if you are interested in this project, go to the HOMEPAGE, register to the broker, open a Micro ($20-$500 investment) or a Standard ($500+ investment) account, fund it and fill this form. We will help you to set the copy trading perfectly.



Please ask your questions in comments or through e-mail!

36 thoughts on “100% money back guarantee to “promoters”

  1. RiskFreeFXBot is a venture opportunity with the likelihood of exceptional yields with a duplicate exchanging choice Your speculation will be set to your very own dealer record and you can pull back it whenever you need and You don’t need to figure out how to exchange or how to utilize a Forex broker “robot”. We are exchanging on the RiskFreeFXBot Master account and your record will duplicate the exchange of this record consequently. this article is extremely enlightening and supportive. I have not yet found out about such pleasant data but rather this is something I will consider yet truly.

    • You can read many posts about the profitability of the RiskFreeFXBot, and how easy to earn the same % profit than our LAMM Master account. You can also see payment proofs that show that the copy traders have the opportunity to withdraw from their profit every week.

      Read more about the RiskFreeFXBot and if you will have any question, just send an e-mail to us.

  2. I was really interested to read your last post on Riskfree FX robot, and I very much like the idea of a guarantee. That being in place, why would anyone think twice about investing in it – it really does sound a great deal!

    One thing I would like to know – is the Micro account different from the one you were writing about last time, because I believe that you said before that you could invest from $10 upwards? And are the conditions that you write about your experiences and share one post a week, new?

    Also, do you have an Affiliate program connected with this?

    Very many thanks for this info.

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Let me answer your questions.

      If you want to invest lower amounts in Forex, you need a Micro account. Forex traders are buying and selling units/LOTs. A lot’s price depends on the trading pair, but to count 0.01 lot’s price – this is the min. trading amount in Forex – is ~$1. 

      If you have a $10 account you can’t trade with $1. This is too high. But if you use a Micro account – many brokers call it CENT account –  you can trade with 0,001 LOT = $0.1. This is 1% of $10. This is not too low.

      The RiskFreeFXBot Master account is growing fast. The actual balance is ~$2000, this is why you need $20 to start copying.

      About Affiliate program. Grand Capital have an Affiliate program. They are paying commission from the trading spreads (this is the profit of the brokers). Read about it here: https://riskfreefxbot.com/affi

  3. Hey there, I literally don’t know anything about trading or stocks and the likes. Going through your post you said that prospective clients can choose to withdraw their money at anytime and then subsequently you said that the company will be able to refund your investment on or before a 6 month period. I really don’t get this could you explain. Also I couldn’t help but notice that you asked for an account number in this same post. Is this opportunity only available for people in the US?

    • This website is about the RiskFreeFXBot program. This is a copy trading opportunity.

      If you want to join and earn the same profit that we make on our account – check the statistics under the STATISTICS menu – you have to open your broker account, fund it with min. $20 and set the copy trading of our LAMM Master account. This is an automated money earning/investment option.

      This opportunity available worldwide. US residents also can register to our forex broker.

  4. SO much coming from wa community, this is another way of making money online with 100% money back guarantee , am happy to be here once again, and am fully going to give this a trail,earning 100% profit is a good one, thank you for creating this opportunity to earn more income. 

  5. I have heard about riskfreefxbot and seen it on different platforms I recently wanted to sign up but I don’t know how it works, and if it’s legit  I don’t want to keep loosing my money, should I sign up, what is my guarantee,l it works, should I copy the trading’s replication ratio wrongly what is going to happen? 

    • Let me answer your questions.

      1. Yes, this is legit. Forex trading is legit, copy trading (LAMM accounts are acceptable to anyone).

      2. What is the guarantee that you will not lose? We have more than 10 years of experience in trading and we’ve been testing our EA for 3 years. 

      3. You have to use the right replication ratio and we will help to set it right. If it is too high, the system will set the trades with higher amount. That means that the trading value will be higher and if the trend goes to the bad direction the account’s equity can go too low. And this can blow your account.

      We are using the right/safe/very profitable trading lot. No one needs to use higher.

  6. This sound a good investment opportunity with 100% Money Back Guarantee but l have some questions.

    What if l open the $20 Mirco account and cannot top up the minimum amount required or whether it’s negotiable for an acceptable lower amount?  What do you mean by l have to share min 1 post about the project every week and how this can be done?

    I have bookmarked this post and recommend your offer to my friends and associates.

    Thank you and chat soon.

    • This is Forex copy trading. That means that you will open a broker account and you have top up with $20 and set the copy trading. That will be your starting balance and the copy trader will start trading with that amount.

      This offer is for those who share their success, so yes, you have to share results about it, or you can share our statistics post. Anything you want. You can also join as an Affiliate. Read about it here: https://riskfreefxbot.com/affi

  7. So your minimum amount is 20 dollars or 20 dollars to enter the program with a safe account? I don’t understand. Are there any other fees I should be aware of when I open an account? This is incredibly new for me and some instructions are unclear. If I get more information I might be more inclined to try.

    • This is Forex copy trading. You have to register to the broker and open a broker account. This is totally free. You have to fund your account with min. $20 and set the copy trading. The system will trade with this amount of money.

      This is an investment, not an affiliate program of a scam earning site. You will earn money on your own broker account at a licenced broker.

      • Oh interesting.

        I understand this is an investment; I’m just worried that the unclear instructions would make it hard for me to get into the foreign exchange market. I have a slight grasp in investing and I mainly invest into mutual funds through robo-investing. As a result, I’m interested in diversifying my funds.

        Is the concept somewhat similar? I’m currently doing some research right now. I would also like to ask if I can add more into the account if I feel like doing so.

        Thank you for your reply! (I’m bookmarking this.)

        • Don’t worry. We will help to set up the copy trading perfectly, so you will not lose any cent. Mutual funds can’t generate that much profit than Forex trading can.

          You can invest any amount, anytime you want. Just contact us and we will help you to choose the right replication ratio.

  8. What a great offer! Get 100% of your money back if you don’t succeed, that sounds awesome!  This sounds to me like a smart promotion technique used by the company, I wish I could come up with brilliant ideas like these.

    I see know you are promoting the money platform, this is such a great idea!  The requirements are not that difficult to handle as you state at the top of your post.

    Have you tried this program? If so did you get your money back or was there some fine print that you couldn’t read and they found a way out of paying up.

    It does sound great but I am still a sceptic on these topics, maybe just because I have been burnt a few times in the past.

    I would like to see the results of you actually signing up to this program in the future, this would give me confidence in the product. Thanks for the information.

    • Dear Kris,

      You probably misunderstood something. We are professional Forex traders with more than 10 years of experience and this project created to those who want to earn profit with Forex.

      This is a copy trading opportunity. That means, that you don’t have to learn how to trade. You have to open a broker account – at a worldwide licenced broker -, fund it and set the copy trading. 

      You can see an auto-updated verified chart of our LAMM Master account on our Homepage, but you can also see the statistics under the STATISTICS menu.

      I’ve been earning very well with Forex trading, but my personal account is too big to share and we are trading with another strategy than on the RiskFreeFXBot LAMM Master account. Many people who don’t know me or my friends, do not believe how much profit we’re making. 

  9. This sounds like a good investment. The fact that you said the clients can choose to withdraw their money any time really triggered my interest $20 is not too much to give a trial of these. I think I will share this article to my friends to check this out so they can also invest because I believe this will capture their interest.

    • I suggest reading the post about SUCCESS BLOGGING. You are a blogger if I am right, so use this option to earn some extra profit with sharing your experiences about the program on your actual site or on a new one.

  10. Your article is very attractive because the model seems well thought. However, I am coming across this post while I am still healing for bitcoins scams. I live in the USA, my first question will be to know where is the owner of this business located? the second question is what is the guarantee that 100% money back guarantee is not just a slogan? is there any testimony?

    Dr. A song

    • I am sorry to read about your loss. The broker has many offices worldwide. The main companies in offshore areas, but the main office in Russia. 

      This project is created by me and my two Forex trader friends. We have more than 10 years of experience in trading and we created this project to help others to recover their losses. I will not explain the whole project here, but you can read it in the FAQ.

      I am from Italy, but I am living in Greece. My friends are from France and Estonia. 

      The guarantee is real. This method is working, you will see it if you are checking the STATISTICS and the other posts on the site. I hope you will receive all the answers, if not, just reply and ask.


  11. Hi, there :), It looks very interesting. Kind like no risk investment. I learned so fart, that something like that, something flawless doesn’t really exist. If there is a 100% guarantee of money back, tell me. Where is the minus point? 🙂 Does this opportunity have any minuses and disadvantages which are not visible on the very first eyesight? 

    • Igor, Our system is working. This robot already made a huge profit to us (the creators of the RiskFreeFXBot). This project is about helping others to earn back the earlier losses on Forex or on other projects. 

      So, there are no disadvantages and this is why we do not afraid to ask you to share your experiences anywhere you want. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with this. I suggest checking the FAQ and the statistics to receive all the information you need to join the program if you are really interested in it. 

  12. I enjoyed reading your last post on the riskfreefxbot and now I’m more interested with this 100% cash back. However, I’m a little pessimistic and I have a pertinent question. Can anyone participate in this program and if it’s that lucrative why should it take 6 months for me to receive 100% of my deposit?

    Expecting your feedback.


    • Let me answer your question:

      “Can anyone participate in this program and if it’s that lucrative why should it take 6 months for me to receive 100% of my deposit?”

      Yes, anyone can join the program. Our broker accepts traders from all over the world. 

      You misunderstand the Money Back Guarantee. That says, if you can’t withdraw 100% of your investment, we will pay it to you. You will receive it in 1-2 days that happens.

      This will not happen, because your account’s value will be higher and you will probably able to withdraw more than that amount after 6 months.

  13. I don’t have much knowledge about forex trading and don’t know hi to go about it. Apart from helping people to trade with their funds are share profits to them, so you guys also offer intensive and quality training to people who might want to get trained? 

    I personally will prefer learning fx from competent guys. I don’t know if you offer training.. 

    • Sorry, but we are not teaching. To become a Forex trader, you have to learn to analyze the market, the charts, you have to learn a working trading strategy and practice it for months.

      Our program is an automated copy trading system. I suggest reading more about it in the FAQ

  14. It’s always great when you can try something that has a money back guarantee. It makes people more likely to try the product. This does look a bit too good to be true and I would like to know if you feel it is worth it and did you make a decent return. 

    • The RiskFreeFXBot project is a working method. I have another guarantee. Noone will ask us for payback because the earned profit will be more than the expected.

  15. Please which one is setting copy trading replication right? I like forex trading and it’s risky but I wonder how you mean that yours isn’t risky at all. Is it possible for me to invest in micro account and still be able to make some withdrawals once every month. Another question I feel like to ask is this. Do you use robot? If yes why? Then if no why?

    • You can see on the site that we are 3 Forex traders with more than 10 years of experience. I created the RskFreeFXBot – yes, this is an Expert Advisor that uses my technical analysis to set trades – 3 years ago. 

      The RiskFreeFXBot project is risk-free because this is a copy trading opportunity. You don’t have to learn how to trade, or how to use an Expert Advisor (you have to control every EA), because this is our job. We are trading on the RiskFreeFXBot LAMM Manager account, and your account will copy it.

      Yes, you can invest in a Micro account. The minimum amount is $25 now.

      I suggest reading the FAQ and the Statistics too before you start joining our program.

  16. This seems like a great opportunity to maximize your earnings. I literally do not   know much about trades, but it is definitely an area that i need to do more research in but i am pretty sure it can be of great benefit. Is there a limit to how much i can invest ? or can i start with any amount that i have.

    • You can start it with any amount, but the minimum is today $25. There is no fee to pay, just your investment.

      I suggest reading the FAQ to know more about the program.

  17. i have deposited $30 now it is $32 .. i am happy at the moment but let see ……i will update my account here regularly .. minimum withdraw is $10

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