10 000% yearly profit is possible!

RiskFreeFXBot is one of the most powerful Forex Expert Advisor, that can generate the highest returns with the safest trading strategy. This program is totally risk-free because you will not trade. Your account will be connected to our account. The trades will automatically appear on your account, so you will earn almost the same % of profit than we do.

What does the highest return mean?

The average monthly profit that the RiskFreeFXBot is between 50-100% / month. We tested this strategy in the last 3 years and the best setup can deliver this profit without any risk.

A calculation of $100,00 investment:

0 $100,00 $50,00
1 $150,00 $75,00
2 $225,00 $112,50
3 $337,50 $168,75
4 $506,25 $253,13
5 $759,38 $379,68
6 $1 139,06 $569,53
7 $1 708,59 $854,30
8 $2 562,89 $1 281,45
9 $3 844,34 $1 922,16
10 $5 766,50 $2 883,26
11 $8 649,76 $4 324,87
12 $12 974,63
Profit: 12 974,63%

After the first year, $12,875 profit will be generated (counted with only 50% / month). Probably the annual profit will be more than 10,000%.

0 $10 000,00 $5 000,00
1 $15 000,00 $7 500,00
2 $22 500,00 $11 250,00
3 $33 750,00 $16 875,00
4 $50 625,00 $25 312,50
5 $75 937,50 $37 968,75
6 $113 906,25 $56 953,14
7 $170 859,38 $85 429,68
8 $256 289,06 $128 144,53
9 $384 433,59 $192 216,80
10 $576 650,39 $288 325,20
11 $864 975,59 $432 487,79
12 $1 297 463,38

You invest to earn, so in the calculation, you will withdraw $2 975,63. After 24 months you will make more than $1,000,000 profit. $100 to $1,000,000 in less than 2 years.


As you saw on the main page, you can start to use our broker’s copy trading option to earn this profit. You can start it with the investment of only some dollars.

Our monitoring account’s base Balance was US $700 (RM) on the 5th of Dec. 2018. You will see that in a year the account will reach ~US $100,000 profit. Check the weekly statistics under the STATISTICS menu!

So, the question is, how much money have you got to invest in a project, that can make you a millionaire in a year? Join us now!



1 $700 $350 $743,18
2 $1,332 $666 $1,466.78
3 $2,799 $1,400 $2,400.67
4 $5,200 $2,600 $977.38


The 4th month, like the others, delivered nice profit. The all-time profit reached $5,588.01. That means we closed the 5rd month with $5,588.01-$4,610.63=$977.38 profit. This is 18.80% profit on the 4th month.

The 3rd month, like the first two, was more profitable than the expected. The all-time profit reached $4,610.63. That means we closed the 3rd month with $4,610.63-$2,209.96=$2,400.67 profit. This is 85.77% profit on the 3rd month.

The 2nd month was profitable than expected. The profit was $2,209.96-$743,18=$1,466.78 ($800,69 more than the expected profit). This is 110.10% profit for this month and 315.71% for 2 months.

During the first month, we earned a lot more than the expected 50% profit ($393,18 more).




95 thoughts on “10 000% yearly profit is possible!

  1. Good info and great post.

    This seems to be very interesting because it has high return percentages. 

    But I’m also getting a red flag, I tried this once and had a huge failure, why shouldn’t it be the same like I had before? 

    How do you know you are sure about this 10000 percentage return? 

    Im very curious about this. 

    • More than 90% of the new Forex traders loosing money. The good in RiskFreeFXBot that this is created by me and my two colleges. We have more than 10 years of trading experiance. We created an automated trader Expert Advisor and we tested it for 3 years. This “robot” generated 50%-150% profit every month with controlled daily trading.

      The best in our project that you can join it without any experience. With Forex Copy Trading the trades will appear on your own broker accont automatically. You can see our monitoring account’s result on the Homepage and the under the Statistics menu. And here is one more thing. You can try this with only $10-$20 investment and you can fund or withdraw from your account anytime you want.

      Don’t hesitate to ask your other questions if you are interested in this kind of earning.

  2. is this a scam or it for real can you make that kind of money in one year ? How do  Investors withdraw their money.? how much money can you withdraw at a given time? How many days does it to get my money after I have withdrawn.  So if can be Able to give the answers to those  questions I would appreciate.

    • This is not a scam. We have more than 10 years of experience in Forex Trading and we designed this “bot” to automatize our trading strategy. We been testing this Expert Advisor in the last 3 years. The average monthly profit was 50%-150%.

      You can see the autoupdated chart – verified by MyFXBook – on the Homepage and the weekly statistics under the Statistics menu. This shows that the project is working fine.

      You have to register a personal broker account and set the copy trading of our Master account. The trades will automatically appear on your own account. You can withdraw from your account anytime you want, but you have to be careful and change the copy trading’s setup. The withdrawals mostly paid in 1-7 business days – depends on the payment mode that you choose -, so it is fast enough.

      I hope I answered your questions, but you have any new, just reply.

  3. Wow, I’m greatly excited to hear that 10000% annual profit is feasible here. In fact, I’m hearing about RiskFreeFXBot for the first time in my life despite the fact that I’ve been trying to get conversant with trading all this while. It sounds so interesting and amazing to me anyway.

    I quite agree that the Forex Expert Advisor can generate the 50-100% average monthly profits, but I’m much meticulous about the setup which determines the possibility of generating up to this average monthly profit. Is there any piece of advice for me at all on getting the best setup? Thanks for helping in anticipation!

    Israel Olatunji

    • Dear Israel,

      If you are really interested in earning with Forex Trading, click on the banner on the homepage and open a broker account. Send a contact message and I will help to setup the copy trading. This will automatically generate the profit on your account.

      Please ask your questions through the contact form or simply in e-mail.

  4. Hi, This looks really interesting, we all like making money, right? Your figures look unbelievable, however, I’ve not had much exposure to Forex before, could you tell me a bit more about it, or point me in the right direction to get some more info?Also, is this just for US citizens or can anyone do it?Many thanks.

    • Dear Matt,

      We are three professional Forex traders with more than 10 years of trading experiance from Europe. Anyone can join the RiskFreeFXBot program worldwide.

      This is a program for anyone who wants to earn real money with Forex. We created this “robot” to trade fast and with profit month by month. 

      If you will join the RiskFreeFXBot program, you will earn profit. This is guaranteed. You don’t have to learn how to trade, just open a broker account and set the copy trading, connected to our Master account. With this option all copy trader will earn almost the same % of profit every day.

      I suggest to check the Statistics, read more about the program and ask your questions.

  5. Hi, This looks really interesting, we all like making money, right? Your figures look unbelievable, however, I’ve not had much exposure to Forex before, could you tell me a bit more about it, or point me in the right direction to get some more info?Also, is this just for US citizens or can anyone do it?Many thanks.

  6. Hey, this sounds interesting but 10,000% return on investment seems impossible? I am a bit curious how this RiskFreeFXBot can help us in monitoring our investments?  How to copy trade your monitoring account?

    Further, what type of instruments we invested in..forex, CFD, stocks? 

    Thank you for your clarification as l am in the midst of planning for my retirement with diversified incomes.

    Best wishes.

    • RiskFreeFXBot is trading with currency pairs. If you checked the statistics on the site, you probably saw that our main trading pair is EURUSD.

      The best in our program, that you don’t have to learn how to trade. You will open a broker account (this is your own account), fund it and set the copy trading. The system will automatically copy the trades of our account. So you will earn almost the same profit than we will do on our account. 

      Don’t hesitate to ask your questions about the program. We will help you to earn risk free profit with Forex trading. 


  7. Thanks for the update but this is the first time im seeing something like this, wow its impressive but i’ve to ask how possible is someone gonna get that money? Whats the price to pay, what kind of system makes cash for you in a year so easily please i am interested but i need more proof before signing up. Please help me out by sending me a feedback to my mail

    • I suggest to check the statistics on the website. 

      We have more than 10 years of trading experience. We know how to trade with profit. You have to know that you can’t learn how to trade from a book or from a short course. This is why we created this site. 

      You don’t have to learn to trade. This system is fully automated. You have to open a broker account, fund it and set the copy trading of our Master account. (You can read the posts about the statistics under the Statistics menu. Our account is monitored and verified by GC and MyFXBook.)

      You asked about the price of the program. This is totally free. You don’t have to pay nothing. We will receive a part of the profit that we will generate on your account. The broker will withdraw it automatically.

      If you have more question, just reply. We will help you to earn money with Forex trading. 

  8. Mind-blowing profits!  It’s hard to believe that there are investment possibilities that offer such a high return on investment. I do have to agree with other commenters though. The claims do send off some red flags but I wouldn’t want to fully brush it off without looking into it further. Are there any limits to how much we can invest? Is there a fee for using riskfreefxbot? Look forward to your response.

    • Dear Paul,

      I suggest checking statistics and other posts on the site. You will receive many answers there.

      About your questions:

      Are there any limits to how much we can invest?

      The minimum investment is $10 to a Micro account, but right now, you have to start with min. $15 to keep your account safe. Sure, there is no maximum. I have a personal account with a $280k balance.

      Is there a fee for using RiskFreeFXBot?

      No. You can set the copy trading and earn money without paying any fee. The broker will reduce your profit with our commission. This is our earnings. 

      Don’t hesitate to ask your questions in e-mail or in another comment. Thank you

  9. This really does sound too good to be true!

    But you are so insistent that this is legit and does really work, that I am tempted!

    Although as I know nothing at al about Forex trading, I’m afraid that I do not understand what you mean by “just open a broker account and set the copy trading, connected to our Master account.” Is it possible that you could explain that in more detail please? 

    Nor do I understand ‘You can withdraw from your account anytime you want, but you have to be careful and change the copy trading’s setup.”

    And can you use Paypal for this, as that certainly would be the easiest method for me?

    I really look forward to your answers.

    Many thanks

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Dear Chrissie,

      This earning method is simple like this because you don’t have to learn anything. We don’t want you to learn a trading strategy or to learn how to use a trading robot (there is no any trading robot that can make unlimited profit without human control). We will trade so you can’t mess it, only if you withdraw too much without changing the replication ratio.

      ‘You can withdraw from your account anytime you want, but you have to be careful and change the copy trading’s setup.”

      You have to set a replication ratio when you set the copy trading on your broker account. For example, if your account’s balance is the double than ours, you will set “2”. After a week, you need some money, so you withdraw the half of your balance. You have to set the replication ratio lower or the trades will be too high priced on your account and that can blow it. This is why you have to be careful.

      Don’t hesitate to ask your questions if you have any more.

  10. This seems like a very interesting concept.  I have looked into some trading platforms in the past.  Just didn’t have to courage to actually invest.  This kind of return is obviously attractive. Can I try it with small amounts like $10 – $ 15? With all the dangers of online money making schemes, people are always a little hesitant.  I hope this scheme is legit and it works. Thanks

    • This scheme is legit and works. Mostly because we (professional traders) are trading. You don’t have to learn how to trade or how to use a robot. This is our job. You just set the copy trading of our account and the trades will appear on your account automatically. You will earn money with it day by day.

      Can I try it with small amounts like $10 – $ 15? 

      Yes, you can start it with $15 on a Micro account. The accepted minimum by the Broker is $10, but our account’s balance is too high to copy with a $10 account.

  11. Looking at your stats seems to be possible to make that much money with riskfreetxbot but I don’t know nothing about riskfreefxbot and I don’t know nothing about trading, how can I find more information about this program. I hope you can give more info and how this trading works and if is something as a beginner like me.

    Thank you for sharing 

    • We are professional Forex traders with more than 10 years of experience. We created this project to those who don’t have any experience but want to earn money without risk. 

      This is a copy trading program. Your own broker account will be connected to ours. You can see how profitable is this project – check the statistics under the Statistics menu. Your account will earn almost the same profit than ours automatically.

  12. This seems interesting. Good numbers and good profit system. With how unpredictable forex can be if they can really pull this off, it would be amazing.

    But every business model must come with a risk and this one is supposed to also have one. These numbers though are good but are just too good. What are the risks involved? Or are these numbers really guaranteed for anyone that decides to invest in this system?

    • We have more than 10 years of experience in Forex trading and we’ve been testing my Expert Advisor for more than 3 years. The bot generated more than 10% profit during the worst trading month. So I can tell you that the avg. is lot higher than 50% profit monthly.

      About the risk. Your account will copy ours, so you don’t have to learn or control nothing. Your account will earn almost the same % profit than ours.

      So this is a simple and working earning method to anyone who has min. $15.

  13. wow… reading this kind of news make the trading so easy! but is it for real? at least for a newbie like me, trading is more connected to “risk” than to “safety”, while in your article it seems that there’s no risk. Can you tell me please where my risk can be? in the setting the Bot? in any choice I can do inside the Grand Capital account? how much do I have to invest (more than the $10.00 I can start with) to start with this product for accounts and the rest? Thanks so much!

    • Forex trading is not easy. We have more than 10 years of experience, and I have to know that I also lost money in the beginning. But some years of practicing and learning, my strategy become perfect and I created my Expert Advisor 3 years ago. Two of my trader friends helped to finalize the bot, so this works very well right now.

      About the risk and safety: You don’t have to worry, because you will not trade or use the robot. You will set copy trading in your account. We are trading on our account and the trades will appear on yours automatically. So there is no risk and you can start copy or account with only $15 investment on your Micro account.

      This is an easy and risk-free method to earn online income.

  14. Great article – very interesting with those sort of gains!

    The high return linked to this product is really exiting and something I have to look into further. I’m wondering what type of float you need behind you before you start off – how much money minimum for this XBot system to work and work well?

    • I started Forex trading 12 years ago. 3 years ago I created this Expert Advisor, based on the technical analysis I am using. I asked two of my trader friends to help to finalize the bot and after 3 years of testing, we created this copy trading option. Anyone can try it with low investment amount without any experience.

      So if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to reply or comment more to any post.

  15. Really, really interesting. I was using different trading platforms with such little success. The entry amount was immediately washed away. The program presented by you seems too good to be true.

    The minimum entrance amount is $10. Do I have to add monthly more money to the account? Can the entrance amount be more than $10?

    Thank you for your article.

    • No, you don’t have to add more money monthly, and yes you can start with any amount you want.

      So, if you have any more question, if you are really interested in this project, just reply.

  16. Well, I am not familiar with forex and I have never heard of your program until I came across your website, as much as everyone wants to make money, and as much as we are constantly searching online ways to make money, one always senses red flag when they see big figures. does it mean we just want to make little money online? no, we don’t want to make little money, we want big money, I want big money, so if indeed your program will make me big money without me losing my money, then tell me more about it. first I would like to know if I join this program and down the road, I decide, it’s not working for me, will I get the money that I have invested, and if yes how long will it take? will I also get the profits that I would’ve accumulated?

    • Dear Rose, 

      I am 100% sure that if you will also join our project you won’t decide to quit. But if you’d decide that way, you can turn off the copy trading anytime in your broker account and ask a withdrawal. Grand Capital will send your withdrawal in 1-10 business days depends on the payment mode you choose. Neteller and Bitcoin payments arrive in 24 hours.

      If you check the statistics, you will see that the project is working very well. Sure you can test it with low amounts ($15 is the min. balance to copy our account) and you can add more to your account anytime you feel safer.

      If you have any questions, contact us.

  17. This is a great post with a lot of information. The profit is really high and I really can’t believe it. I am actually a bit curious about how you came up with that chart and analysis. Anyways it was really easy to understand it and follow through.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article with us. God bless you. 

  18. Wow, 10,000percent yearly profit, this is really captivating. My interest has been triggered for this and I will be investing $10 now, their return percentage is really high. I trust you this is can’t be a scam , I believe it is legit that the reason why I will give it a try and I believe I won’t regret from this.

    • You don’t have to worry about this earning option. Check the Statistics and you will see that it is really working. You can also check the verified profit chart on our Homepage. That also shows how profitable this project is.

      You are a member of the Wealthy Affiliate program. I suggest checking this new offer: https://riskfreefxbot.com/100-

  19. Hello and thanks for the post…I’m a little skeptical though. The percentage increase seems really unlikely. However, I’m interested to know how the bot works and why it seems to work so well. Obviously that kind of percentage yield would be incredible. I’ll have to keep my eye on this one for a little while and see how it does over time. I appreciate the work you put into it however and hope you do well!

  20. This really sounds so promising, the money is really awesome to have every thing i want, but , you say this can be delivered without risk my question to you would be what are the terms and conditions for everything here? Is it for real for sure or it is a scam. I really hope to try it some time.

    • Dear Nkhosingiphile,

      Sure, this is not a scam. This project is a FX copy trading program for anyone, who wants to earn money with investing. You don’t have to learn how to trade or how to use a trading robot. This is a fully automated system that will generate profit for you.

      I suggest checking the posts under the STATISTICS menu and the post about our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

      You will see that this is 100% risk-free and you will earn unbeliveable profit with it.

  21. OK, who wouldn’t be tempted by these promised returns?

    Like one of the other commentators, I tried something similar some years ago and got badly burned. It was a binary options scheme, where the software tried to pick whether one currency would go up or down against another in a short time frame.

    It was so bad, I would have been better off using my own guesswork. And of course the trading platform took its percentage whether the trade was a winner or a loser.

    Yours does seem to be different, in that the software has been created by individuals (you and two others) and that you can risk a relatively small amount.

    I’m certainly considering it.

    • Binary Options is “gambling”. It isn’t impossible to find a trend in currency pair trading, but it is very difficult to do it in a limited timeframe. This is possible, but very difficult.

      Forex trading is easier. NOT EASY, but lot easier.

      I am sorry to hear that you lost in Binary Options, but I guarantee that you will not lose with our copy trading program. I suggest to read about our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

  22. Hi there, this looks interesting but is all very new to me so I don’t really understand how it works. Can you please let me know what the fees are throughout the lifecycle? What I mean by that is I’d like to understand the fees to get started, fees to withdraw, and any other fees along the way? Can I withdraw funds at any time, for any reason? Is there are a minimum sign up period? Is there any other key information that somebody completely new to this should understand before becoming involved?Thanks in advance. I look forward to your responses. 

    • You can find everything important on our Homepage and under the Statistics menu, but let me answer your questions.


      – Opening a broker account: $0.

      – Funding your account: depends on the payment system you will use, but mostly 0.

      – Setting up and using the copy trading: $0, but 15% of your profit will be withdrawn from your profit automatically by the broker.

      – Withdrawal fee: depends on the payment system, but mostly 0.

      Can I withdraw funds at any time, for any reason?
      Yes, but you have to set a new replication ratio after withdrawing. The broker pays the withdrawals in 1-7 trading days (depends on the payment system).


  23. Hi there, thanks for this post. 10,000% yearly profit sounds extremely inviting is thiis real? I have heard of and traded some forex in time past but I lost a lot of money. I have never heard of RiskFreeFxBot. Who are they? How do they operate? And how do I sign up with them? I’m thinking of giving it a try.

    • We are they. RiskFreeFXBot is created by me – Gno – and 2 of my trader friends. We have more than 10 years of experience in trading and I created this EA 3 years ago. The best in the RiskFreeFXBot program, that you don’t have to learn how to trade, just set the copy trading. I suggest reading the Homepage and Statistics to learn more.

      This can help you to earn back your losses and earn a 2nd income with it.

  24. Wow 10000% profit in a year!  Anyone would want that! I am, however, skeptical by nature and I also lost money in binary options in the past.  I know the basics of Forex, but not enough to put in any capital until I know a whole lot more about it.  I looked up your website and you say that you have a 100% money back guarantee within 6 months.  Is this really possible? Also, where would you suggest that I get some information about forex trading?

    • Binary Options is more difficult than Forex. In Binary, you have to bet for the direction in a timeframe. In Forex, you have to find trends and you will really buy and sell units. This is real trading.

      You can see – STATISTICS MENU –  that on our LAMM Manager account, we made more than 100% profit in one month. This is the account to connect to as copy trader.

      The Money Back Guarantee is not a problem to us, because our system is working well and our average profit / mo. is higher than 50%.

  25. The most interesting part of it is that I won’t be trading but my account will be connected to yours. But how does that work? $100 to $1,000,000 in less than 2 years seems awesome and incredible. But how am I sure that this percentage will actually return exactly the way you have predicted it. Because over 89% of traders loose annually.

    • This is true. But we are in the winner %s. There are many profitable traders. The losers mostly those who start trading without learning and practising. This is not easy to earn with Forex, but not impossible. 

      This is why we don’t let our followers to trade and we don’t want to teach you. Do you have 1-2 years to learn and practice before you start to earn money? This is not necessary with copy trading.

  26. Looks really awesome. But sounds a bit impossible. 

    Did I get this right? You’re saying that I or anyone else can potentially make a 10,000 % profit within a year by actually doing nothing just trusting you the money?

    Don’t get me wrong, I not here to downplay your claims. I’m just truly, truly curious as I would love to get into forex trading in the near future. It’s been a dream of mine for a while. Didn’t know that you can get into it with only $100 and actually make a considerable profit.

    Is it possible to learn from you guys?

    Looking forward to the response. 🙂

    Cheers and have a Great One!


    • First of all, this is the truth. Anyone can earn 10,000% profit with the RiskFreeFXBot copy trading program and you can start copy trading with only $20.

      We are Forex traders with more than 10 years of trading experience. This is why we are sure that anyone can earn money with our program. You will not trade, just set the copy trading and your account will almost generate the same % profit than ours.

      So we will not teach you how to trade. We have no time for that 🙂

  27. This is a great post! I didn’t think that 10000% profit could be achieved but this definitely gives me hope! I think it makes sense that an expert could develop a robot that could trade by minimizing losses by taking risks that a human probably wouldn’t be able to make like when we are asleep for example.

    Trading is always a risk but the rewards are great so using a system like this is absolutely brilliant. I think that I would like to give this a try for myself and see it work first hand! Anyone can use it, right?

    Thanks for sharing this great information!

  28. This is totally unbelievable. Can such results really be trustworthy? If things are really what it seems, I’m all in for this bot.

    I have some experience in trading and have made decent profits without the use of bots but this risk-free bot is unprecedented. Like, wow, the figures are huge.

    • You can see a verified/auto-updated profit chart on our Homepage. Our Master account is verified by GC and MyFXBook too. You can see the weekly statistics under the STATISTICS menu. 

      I suggest to check these and if you really interested in our copy trading program, join us.

  29. Looks like a viable and lucrative investment. What are the risks involved though? It scares me to put my hard earned savings into an investment with high risks, as I have lost a lot of money last year. Although it can also be a great opportunity if it’s a well known company. Is it for USA residents only?

    • Anyone can join our copy trading program. Our broker accepts traders from all over the world. You can see, that if you don’t want to earn huge profit in the first month, you can start copy trading with a smaller amount. Your account will grow very fast.

      You can start copy trading from only $20 and if you accept that you share your results and experience somewhere (real experience, we don’t want you to lie) we guarantee that we will pay back your investment if you will not able to withdraw 100% of your investment in 6 months. Read about it: https://riskfreefxbot.com/100-..

  30. Hi I have read the review of RiskFreeFXBot and I understood that this is a great robot to earn consistently. I have a little bit concern about withdrawal factor. Is it possible to withdraw weekly? What technique is followed to recover draw down  and news section? Will it do only scalping or swing trading also? Is it not possible to use your EA without your recommended broker?

    • You will not use our Expert Advisor and yes, you have to use our broker and their copy trading service (called LAMM investment). You don’t have to worry about trading. We will do it on our account and your account will copy that.

      If you want to copy trade with more than $10,000, you can use any broker. We will give you an offer, something like this that Jeremy received (https://riskfreefxbot.com/100k…).

      Sure, you can withdraw anytime you want, but you have to change the replication ratio to keep your account safely. 

  31. I’ve never heard of the riskfreefxbot before, it does sound too good to be true. I have been looking for a way to make some extra income on auto pilot. The riskfreefxbot sounds like a good idea but is anything actually risk free. I’m really interested in this program and I want to know how long it takes for one to withdraw revenue. Expecting your feedback,thanks for this information.


    • Louis. You can start withdrawing from the first trading day. We suggest to not withdraw more than 10% of the generated profit on your account, or contact us before you are doing it and we will help you to change the setup of the replication ratio of the system. 

      You are a Wealthy Affiliate member, so I suggest to check some other pages before you start our program. This is really risk-free and with these offers, you will able to earn extra profit.



  32. This sounds like a nice way to invest my money!  You say it is risk free. Could you explain that further to me? Also, maybe I did not understand the last part, but if you withdraw from it account the minute it makes profit, how do your make any money if your basis for trading is always the same?

    • Martine, I don’t really understand your 2nd question, but I try to reply. 

      This project is risk-free because we are successful Forex traders. This is how we’ve been earning money (a very big amount of money). We are the guarantee that you will earn profit as we do.

      Withdrawal from your account is your choice. If you want to withdraw, you can do it, but we suggest to withdraw only 10% of the generated profit, but if you want to withdraw more, contact us and we will help you to change the setup of the system well again.

  33. I’ve heard of Forex before but that was years ago and I never got to understand much about it.You said that you’ve done your homework for three years about this with RiskFreeFXBot.I mean who wouldn’t be interested in this kind of return on your money?These really are unbelievable numbers. How would someone go about in getting started with this?

    • We created the RiskFreeFXBot project to those who want to earn profit with Forex, recover their losses. We are professional traders, so we can guarantee that our system is working to anyone. 

      You don’t have to learn how to trade, practice for years, etc. With this copy trading system, you will earn the same profit than we do automatically. 

      If you are really interested go to our HOMEPAGE and start your journey. You are Wealthy Affiliate member, so I suggest  to check these posts too:



  34. Your website is straight forward and to the point.  It has no frills and it is easy to read.  Forex Trading has been a hot topic for the last few years.  I’ve read a lot about Forex trading with different worldwide currencies, but I’ve also heard a lot about fraud and losing your “butt.”  Your website is written to where your average person can read it and understand it.  But I do have a question.  

    It appears on your charts in your post that your profits really are less than what is represented in the “PROFIT” column. This makes people feel they are more ahead than they really are.  You should have your headings in your charts labeled like the following:

    MONTH             BALANCE                   PROFIT          TOTAL                                                                                                         0                        $0                                $0                   $0                                                                                                             1                        $100                            $50                 $150                                                                                                         2                        $150                               *                      *

    The other column in your tables would help with confusion and you wouldn’t get any angry investors calling you to say they should have more profit than they really have.

    But other than this, I think it’s straightforward and to the point.

    • Thank you. I changed the calculation some days ago. This is my bad. The 3rd column was the BALANCE+PROFIT. I corrected it.

  35. Thank you for providing this update and showing it here that 10 000% investment is possible.this is the second time that am stumbling on this page and I can’t wait to try out the trading option, can you please help me with the registration link and is this investment advisable for a newbie trader? 

  36. I am so pleased to have found something like this. I am currently doing stocks and shares and bitcoin but have not really got anywhere with them. Looking from your answers to peoples comments, I can believe that this is legit, the figures are mind blowing and with so many scams about I like to make really sure its not a scam. 

    This is going to definitely earn more than the really low interest bank accounts. I have always thought why can’t we earn more back on investments than just these very low interest rates in the banks. I am going to look in depth at your website and will probably open an account. 

    • You have to know the big fishes I the Forex worlds are big funds and banks. Me and my friends with our some millions are nothing, but they are making a big profit. They are moving the market. 

      But with our project, the small people can also make a nice profit. I hope we will see you soon in our program as a satisfied member.

  37. Wow, this is a really interesting article! I have never considered Forex before but this article and your bot make it seem possible that I might have a chance to actually get into trading and to actually make great money at this. My question is this, what is the minimum total cost/ initial investment to get started? This really does look quite interesting and you make a great case for your bot and system I just like to do my due diligence.

    • You can start to join the RiskFreeFXBot program with a $20 on a Micro account. There is no fee to pay. The broker will earn the spread of your trades and will reduce 15% commission from the generated profit. This will be automatically reduced from your account, so you won’t have to pay for anything.

  38. Hi, this looks very interesting, but my alarms are going off in my head – you know the old saying, if it’s too good to be true then…..blah…blah….blah…I do however live in hope that one day I will find a money making machine.

    Is there a minimum investment required for this, and what is the cost, I can’t seem to see this anywhere?

    Has this been tested on a real money account or is it all virtual?

    Why don’t you just trade it yourself and become rich, particularly since you developed this 3 yrs ago?

    If you can answer all these I will sign up tomorrow 😀

    • Dear Bryan, let me answer your questions because these are very good:

      Is there a minimum investment required for this, and what is the cost, I can’t seem to see this anywhere?

      There is an FAQ page on our site, but I can answer this easily. You need minimum $20 on a micro account to copy our account and there is no fee in the beginning, but the system will reduce your profit with 15% commission.

       Has this been tested on a real money account or is it all virtual?

      Check the STATISTICS menu! The RiskFreeFXBot project is a copy trading opportunity and our Master account is a real account.

      Why don’t you just trade it yourself and become rich, particularly since you developed this 3 yrs ago?

      As you can see in the answers, all over the site, I am a Forex trader with more than 12 years of trading experience. I am also an investor and business owner. I have millions of dollars and my personal and company accounts generate nice profit every day. I am doing it to help others to recover their losses and to help them to earn extra money easily. 

      Only sign up to this project if you are really interested and if you checked the other posts. I also suggest checking the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE offer. This helps you to feel safe and helps us to show others that our copy traders are satisfied (or not).

  39. I was interested in fx few years ago and I didn’t have confidence to try because I was scared of losing money. I am really curious about this  software. Its my first time I have heard about this kind of software/expert adviser. This a great article and thank you so much for introducing this. I feel like trying Forex again.

  40. Hello,I am excited about your article! I honestly can say I believe in the concept you have proposed. My main reason for feeling fairly comfortable about what written in your article is because one of the developers is actually writing the article. That speaks value to me. The research and experience behind the concept is huge too. I believe in trading but never had the time to learn, but your concept kind of takes the confusion out.I am not the only decision maker in my household so I will definitely be bringing riskfreefxbot to my mate. I am bookmarking your site because I know we will return for reference and how to get started.Thanks for the opportunity!See you soon!Dwilli

  41. Everyone loves making money, who doesn’t? That is besides the point, I look at this and have all the same questions everyone else does. How does this work? Where does all this money come from? Is there a chance I could lose money if I make the wrong moves? How can I prevent that from happening? I would definitely be willing to put money down if there is a gain with no losses. 

    • We created this project to keep your money safe. You don’t have to make any moves, the whole thing is automated. You have to open a broker account, fund it with any amount and set the copy trading of our account. We are the traders with trading experience and as you can see under the Statistics menu, we are doing it well.

      So, you don’t have to worry about losing any money. I suggest checking the FAQ and the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE pages. These will give you all the information that you need before joining the RiskFreeFXBot program.

  42. Hmm, very interesting. I know for a fact that people have become rich from doing trading only so no question about that. I can see why some people are sceptical here in the comments though, however, I would want to try this, but would like to know if it can trade cryptos also? Like Bitcoin and other altcoins?

    Thanks for sharing and for your work with this,


    • Sure you can trade cryptos, but not with us. We are Forex traders and the RiskFreeFXBot is about currency trading. This is an automated copy trading system, so you don’t have to do anything. We are trading on the RiskFreeFXBot LAMM Manager account and your account will copy this account’s trades. 

      I suggest reading the FAQ and Statistics to learn more about the project.

  43. While the returns are certainly impressive, in my experience the risks and returns model of buying low and selling high is the reason only some are able to profit from trading of this nature.

    If this is a guaranteed certainty, why are not more people taking advantage of this? While I know that this is theoretically possible, it seems a little optimistic and I would like to know more.


    • We are successful Forex traders and this project is about helping others to earn as we do. My personal and my company accounts are generating a huge amount of profit every month. 

      I suggest reading the FAQ and Statistics if you are really interested in this project.

  44. Wow, this is very interesting. But what I want to know here is that by copying a trade from you, what will be your own percentage because I’ve experienced failure in this forex trading before. So I want to be sure that I have nothing to lose and that I  can also learn from you how to study the market. Thank you for the light you’ve shared on this and the business we are to do together. 

    • We will not teach anyone to trade. We don’t have time for that.

      The RiskFreeFXBot is a copy trading system and you wrote. That means that our trades will be copied to your account automatically. Our trading strategy with the RiskFreeFXBot is risk-free and profitable. 

      Read the FAQ and the Statistics to learn more about it. I am sure that you will receive all the answers that you needed.

  45. Hi! I want to learn about trading. And have been reading quite a few articles to get started. I have been getting acquainted with different platforms and pondering different opinions concerning strategies. I’m just a newbie and don’t have very much experience on this topic. But I’m impressed with your statement. It seems a bold statement. Honestly, it scares me a bit when such a bold claim is made. But again, it may be due to my lack of experience. I’ll give your recommendation a try!

    • The RiskFreeFXBot project is a working and very profitable copy trading system. I suggest reading the FAQ and the Statistics to learn more about it. 

      You will see that this is a real, legit and working project based on real trading experience. 

  46. Hi those are big profits ! I have done Forex Trading and the one thing I look for when the offer is to trade on your behalf is the business name they are operating under so I can run my own checks. I also look for the means of depositing and withdrawing and how quickly my funds are deposited after withdrawal. That information is beneficial for people looking to invest. Looking forward to more info thanks !

    • Chrissie, I suggest reading the FAQ. This helps you to learn more about the RiskFreeFXBot project and understand how it works. 

      You will see that this is a very profitable and legit project to anyone who wants to earn without the risk of loss.

  47. I greatly appreciate you have included these tables. And the second table shows we can speed up things the more we invest. I believe 50% is an average profit, because there may be months when profit fluctuates. Do they guarantee a range for these fluctuations? Kinda, 50% ± 25%. Sorry for my newbie question, LOL.

    • I suggest checking the Statistics. You can see that we made more than 100% profit in the first month. This is the double of the expected profit. The average profit of the RiskFreeFXBot is higher than 50%/month.

  48. Hi, I have read the whole review about this information. It is an excellent post with a lot of important information.I learn many things about your information. I am so excited about this.This is  really a high profit and it is very interesting. Your post is very helpful for us.I understand that this information is very helpful for all beginners who wants to earn money with forex.Thanks sharing for this informative post.

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