10 000% profit is possible

This means, that with only $10 investment you can earn more than $1000 profit in less than a year. How is it possible? Read the post about it right now!

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The weekly statistics shows, how profitable is this project. Can we earn the expected 50% profit every month or not? Click on the Statistics menu to see the weekly results or just check the auto-updated chart below (verified by MyFXBook).

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Please read FAQ! We'll refersh it everytime we receive important questions from you. Sure, we need questions to answer, so if you did not find yours in the FAQ page, contact us!

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If you are a Forex Trader you probably tried many strategies and you probably lost some money in the beginning. If you never tried it, you can skip these tutorial years with many losses. This Expert Advisor can help you to recover your losses and will help you to earn profit with Forex Trading month by month. This is the place, where anyone can earn money, with without any experince in trading.

We launched a new monitoring account, so you can see the statistics of the RiskFreeFXBot here. We’re sure that this our Expert Advisor will help many people to become wealthy easily. Read this post: 10000% yearly profit is possible!

You can check the monitoring account’s statistics here:

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How can you earn money with our Expert Advisor?

You can copy trade our monitoring account. You can setup your automated salary generator in just some minutes.

  1. Register to GrandCapital! 
  2. Fund your account with the same amount or more to trade safe. The min. balance to copy our account is $15 (2019-01-10).
  3. Copy this account: CLICK HERE!

Do you need help to setup the copy trading? READ THIS PAGE, or CONTACT US!